Your Passion vs. THE TEMPLATE

5 steps to stick with our burning life's passion.

Posted Sep 05, 2014

by Glen Tibaldeo

Do you have a passion? All of us do. If you’re lucky, it’s how you spend the majority of each day. But if you’re trying to get there, you’re probably pushing against THE TEMPLATE, that cut-out the world uses to tell you how life should be. And if that’s not bad enough, your trusted friends and loved ones reinforce THE TEMPLATE as a genuine act of caring. So what do you do?

  • Goals are overrated – Carrots are no reward for people who don’t think much of carrots. Knowing your goal is important, but it’s too emotionless to keep you moving. Instead, a vision board with scenes of your life in five years gets your subconscious to constantly adjust your path to get there.
  • Tell your critic to go to hell! – Programmed to avoid change, the gremlin in your brain will try to sabotage any Earth-shattering life project in which you engage. By way of analogy, we have a lot of noisy construction around South Florida all day but treat it as background noise. Treat your gremlin as background noise—as an authority of nothing.
  • Life is Long – Most of us won’t accomplish everything we want here on Earth, but Thomas Edison held 1,093 patents when he died. You can accomplish more in life than you ever imagined if you trust the road to the next great thing is shorter the more you focus on the task at hand right now. Know that, and use that comfort to avoid distraction!
  • Know your strong “why” – What you are trying to accomplish helps you steer, and the why is your jet fuel. What skills and tendencies do you have that make you a natural on this path, how is it aligned with your inner compass, and how will you be a better person to the world when you get there? Displaying the answer to these questions wherever you work most toward the path helps you to speed toward your dreams. Watch out for whiplash!
  • Who do you think you are? – The difference between your heroes and those unknown is the heroes stuck with it. Imagine your hero in your passion space, and imagine yourself like him because the only difference between the two of you is that one of you has already proven he won’t quit. If that’s all you have to focus on, you have nothing to lose.

You have a giant inside you. Be deaf to THE TEMPLATE, and leave us comments as you blast down the path.


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