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Hardness Matters

Many men are not fully satisfied with their erections.

How often are your erections hard enough to penetrate and were you able to maintain your hardness after you penetrated your partner, are critical questions necessary for most men ,to fully enjoy their sexual experience. Most men do not appreciate the subtle changes in the quality of their erections over time. Erectile dysfunction does not occur overnight, unless you have fractured your penis, which, I will discuss in a future blog. As a result of aging and lifestyle men have decreased blood flow and increased connective tissue in their penis resulting in decreased hardness. In a worldwide study, men said that erection hardness is very important to having a good sexual experience. More than 50% of men are not fully satisfied with the hardness of their erections. In a survey of 600 men currently taking oral medication for ED identified "Enables me to have hard erections" as the most valuable attribute of ED therapy.
The Erection HARDNESS Score was developed in 1998 as a tool to rate degree of erection hardness.
Grade 1 penis is larger but not hard
Grade 2 Penis is hard but not hard enough for penetration
Grade 3 Penis is hard enough for penetration but not completely hard
Grade 4 Penis is completely hard and fully rigid .

Women clearly can clearly sense the hardness of the penis and believe hard is good harder is better.
Next week I will share with all of you what needs to be done to maintain a hard erection. I welcome your comments

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