My Big Fat Naked Psychosis (told in 3 three-word sentences)

Crazy but true: You can distill your life down to 3 three-word sentences.

Posted Jan 28, 2016

Source: Hermann/Pixabay

There’s time when a long, beautiful essay, the kind you find in the New Yorker is just want you want. Other times, a short sweet read is best. In honor of the brief and breezy, I offer you these tight tidbits for reading. It started when a writing friend told me of an exercise her teacher gave her. Write your life story, but write it in 3-word sentences. Here’s the long and the short of it. Eeerrr...I guess that would be the short and the shorter of it.

My life in 3 three-word sentences.

                    I went crazy

                    Really I did

                    Crazy for life

Or the “long" version:  My life in 50 three-word sentences

I went crazy.

Really I did.

Bat shit crazy

Started like this:

Meditation gone haywire

Uber kundalini crisis

Major spiritual emergency

The doctors saw:

Psychosis, bipolar, anxiety

Psych ward stay

Second psychotic break

Another loony-bin stay

More psychotic romps

My most fave?

Naked psychotic episode

Looking for God

In the summer

In Point Grey

Nice rich neighborhood

Definitely demographically unacceptable

Me: euphoric wonderfulness

Maslow’s peak experience

Stripped off dress

Bra and everything

Past a firehall

Past sleeping firemen

Sought the Divine

Didn’t meet God

Instead a policewoman

2 cute EMTs

All...really kind

God in disguise?

I’m not lying

Loony bin AGAIN

Resisted the diagnoses

Accepted the diagnoses

Became really proactive

I worked hard

Peoples’ support helped.

Really good shrink

Medications that worked

Therapy that worked

Got a job

My own apartment

Then a boyfriend

My husband now

I got better

A whole lot better

Now I am:

Crazy for Life

Here’s my 4 line three-word sentence invite: What’s your story? Post it here. I’d love it. Really I would.