I’m a Bipolar Love-Child. What About You?

I was an alien amongst my own kin, not to mention uncomfortable in my own skin.

Posted Dec 01, 2014

And then when I was hit with bipolar disorder, well, talk about feeling like even more of an outsider. Now I wasn’t just that weird artsy kid of Jack and Velma Maxwell’s, I was the CRAZY weird artsy kid who been in the psych ward. Like icing on the cake I was a loony tunes times two.

Except there was a saving grace.

I wasn’t alone. My family, in which I had felt like an extraterrestrial, began to feel familiar. Yes, I would even go so far as to say we were from the same planet. Why? Because I discovered my mom had bipolar disorder, two of my cousins too, depression linked me to another cousin and an Uncle, and anxiety with a grandmother. So what initially had made me feel so completely alone, was giving me a sense of place. Not exactly the kind of place I had hoped for, like a nice upscale condo with a rooftop deck and a swimming pool but a sense of belonging nonetheless.

My parents were nothing less than stellar in their support. I, unlike others I’ve talked with, was received with open arms and caring by my parents. At no time did I ever feel stigmatized or rejected by them. They had gone through my mom’s battle with bipolar disorder and I was receiving the fruits of their work, their successes and their acceptance of it.

So I no longer fantasize about being the child of some multi-millionaire and flamboyant celebrity, now I’m beyond grateful I have the parents I have. Thankful they experienced and learned to manage bipolar disorder before I was diagnosed with it.

Ok. Well maybe there’s a bit of a lie in there. I still think it would be pretty cool if I found out Ellen Degeneres was my mom and John Cleese was my dad. It wouldn’t just be cool, it would be an international news story considering Ellen is only eight years older than me, she’s gay and I don’t even think she knows John Cleese. But it would still be pretty cool right? 

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© Victoria Maxwell

Photo: Pixabay - PublicDomainPictures