#ThisPsychMajor Answers Candidate's Claim We Work Fast Food

Jeb Bush says psychology majors will work fast food jobs; psych majors respond.

Posted Oct 29, 2015

Original screen capture from Twitter #ThisPsychMajor search.
Source: Original screen capture from Twitter #ThisPsychMajor search.

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Presidential Candidate Says Psych Degree Means Fast Food Job

After presidential candidate Jeb Bush said universities need to caution students who choose "that psych major deal, that philosophy major thing" that "you’re going to be working a Chick-fil-A," people who majored in psychology took to social media (especially Twitter) to address this claim. The #ThisPsychMajor responses keep coming.

The Great Plains Skeptic addressed the candidate's accuracy: 
On Jeb Bush, the Psychology Degree, and #ThisPsychMajor

Other articles online also took up the topic. Links appear below with some of the tweets that mentioned them.

A disproportionate number of responses appear to be coming from people with graduate degrees. It's great to hear from them, of course, but it would be helpful to hear from more people who did not attain addition degrees after the bachelor's, whether they have good news to share or only bad. Also, if some with graduate degrees put their bachelor's degrees to work before grad school, that would be good to know.

As I mentioned in the original post, I worked at Long John Silver's for two months after getting my psychology degree, but then become a child abuse case manager and investigator. I worked in the field before I went on to earn my M.S. and Ph.D. and become a professor who writes and edits books on psychology and popular culture. That two-month fast food job was (1) nothing anyone should have warned me about, (2) no reason to alter my life's plans, and (3) useful experience nobody should belittle.

More #ThisPsychMajor tweets on Twitter:

@missmaddie1224: #ThisPsychMajor is going to help companies treat their employees well in the futures, cares deeply for others, and positively impacts others

@chrisgiebe: #ThisPsychMajor used science to help low income families change their behavior to lower energy bills.

@hannahjewcy: #ThisPsychMajor would rather make a difference than make six figures.

@Ronaaaaaaaaa: For the record, #ThisPsychMajor also doesn't judge people who work at Chick-fil-A.

@Dr_Mouth: #ThisPsychMajor works as a Psychologist at the VA helping those who served our country and preventing veteran suicides @JebBush

@JLSkillings: #ThisPsychMajor was thankful to wait tables during BA and MA degrees. Now I'm thankful to change lives, health care, and @APA governance.

@Lebrasla191: #ThisPsychMajor helps people overcome obstacles caused by economic struggle and develop skills necessary for furthering their careers.

@DancingLibby: #ThisPsychMajor understands that other majors/fields of work are just as beneficial to society as psychology is.

@drevvycarter: .@JebBush #thispsychmajor got her PhD at 25 & studies ways to discuss & eradicate racism. don't you dare belittle my field. #callmedrcarter

@incblot: Hey @JebBush #ThisPsychMajor studies the intersection of human behavior and $ markets (and is paid very well, but thanks for your concern)

@Brittleigh113: #ThisPsychMajor works in clinical/pharm research in family medicine practice has a Masters in health psychology and is getting an MPH.

@TimFranz1: This class at St. John Fisher College discusses career opportunities for Psych Majors #ThisPsychMajor

@RealMReynolds: #ThisPsychMajor is making a pretty big impact in @JebBush's hashtag cloud at the moment.

@mindprograms: A Dust-Up Over College Majors

Linked Psychology today post: A Dust-Up Over College Majors

@AshleySmithYT: #ThisPsychMajor will be helping the mentally ill that you seem to only know about when talking about gun laws.

@Drjaninejones: #ThisPsychMajor builds resilience in African American adolescents & prepares culturally responsive school psychologist's. & you? @JebBush

@erinhasnosocks: If more mental health screening is the answer to less gun violence why would you bash mental health professionals @JebBush #ThisPsychMajor

@Ophelia673: "This country is just too mentally healthy," said no one ever. @JebBush #ThisPsychMajor

@NatSchaeffer: Hey @JebBush, #ThisPsychMajor will help countless people suffering from mental illness. & will NOT be voting for you in 2016

@excaldwell: #ThisPsychMajor is knowingly entering low-paying field because she recognizes the lasting impact of childhood abuse and trauma

@drglasofer: #ThisPsychMajor develops treatment for #anorexia, one of the deadliest of mental illnesses. @JebBush @EvelynAttia

@laceface52: #ThisPsychMajor is tired of hearing about the mental health problems from politicians who don't respect mental health professionals

@Daniellevator90: #ThisPsychMajor is spending thousands of dollars in school literally to learn how to help others who are suffering from mental illness.

@IanAGutierrez: #ThisPsychMajor would like to hear @JebBush asked about his comments on fast food workers and psychology majors at @CNBC's #GOPDebate

@notbeckyy: "We don't have a gun problem in this country we have a mental health problem" "We need less psych majors" #ThisPsychMajor is confused

@ronaelisa: #ThisPsychMajor sees the hypocrisy in denouncing the utility of psychology while calling daily mass shootings a mental health problem.

@ScottJaschik: Will GOP candidates run out of liberal arts disciplines to criticize? #thispsychmajor #Jeb!

Linked Inside Higher Ed article: Bush Questions Liberal Arts; Psych Majors Respond 

‏@DrFinnerty: Thanks for the article on @JebBush & #ThisPsychMajor @insidehighered (of course we also know that #psychology is a science degree)

@allys_sons: #ThisPsychMajor is a Veteran who counsels other Vets who fought in your family's war Mr.Bush! @DoctorDeibler @DrEarlTurner @sunshinekayak

@shOoObz: #ThisPsychMajor applies the rules of psychology every single day while studying and changing the health behaviors of the public.

‏@shOoObz: #ThisPsychMajor doesn't understand why anyone would deride hardworking college graduates and/or people trying to make ends meet.

@destipop: #ThisPsychMajor helps assess functional impairments for kids with epilepsy, TBI, and other medical conditions. @JebBush

@DocSmith_PsyD: @JebBush #thispsychmajor currently treats mental illness and substance use issues in our nation's veterans.

@pmf327: #ThisPsychMajor teaches inner city kids who deal with way more issues than any 7 year old should.

@I3r1anna: #ThisPsychMajor is the first to get a Masters in her family, pursuing a PsyD, and will be voting in 2016

@cwrightmills09: #ThisPsychMajor is getting a PhD, teaching up & coming scholars, scientists, leaders, innovators, ya know, your 'job creators' #JebBush

@katepieperlmft: #ThisPsychMajor helps parents & children with impulsivity issues who want 2 work at any job, like #chic-fil-a. "Not my circus-not my monkey"

@cindy_tgl: Umm excuse me @JebBush but #ThisPsychMajor helps children with autism reach their full potential! Psychology is a science!!

@crafteemcgee: None of which is done for money. #ThisPsychMajor is also tired of mental health only being discussed after violent tragedies. Many live

@BreannaMcGinnis: #ThisPsychMajor will be a Federal Prosecutor fighting to eradicate human trafficking!

@maarii_lins: #ThisPsychMajor helps autistic children learn to read, write and communicate with others

@recognizecourtb: #ThisPsychMajor gets those homeless schizophrenics who disgust you so, off the streets or at least medicated to help control their symptoms.

@CaliVinett: @JebBush #ThisPsychMajor has been helping kids go back home after multiple traumas and involvement with the foster care system since 2012.

@recognizecourtb: #ThisPsychMajor raises hundreds of thousands from private entities to make up for the dismal government-run mental health system in Chicago.

@destipop: How many psychology majors, philosophy majors, and liberal arts majors are on your own campaign team? @JebBush #ThisPsychMajor

@ndh25: #ThisPsychMajor evaluates fraud, waste, and abuse in our healthcare system for the U.S. Government, ultimately saving taxpayers money.

@Breeex8: #ThisPsychMajor will someday help children around the world become the future leaders of America

@recognizecourtb: #ThisPsychMajor is a clinician/researcher who works on studies that make treatment effective and affordable.

@Edible14: #ThisPsychMajor is currently working as a casino games dealer, after not finding work in the field. But it pays well!

@NattyP1286: #ThisPsychMajor is helping students with mental illness achieve academic success. #rewarding #makeadifference #mentalhealthawareness

@thusfarthemiles: #ThisPsychMajor isn't even Psych. I'm Comparative Lit. @JebBush will shake in his boots when he hears I'm planning to educate the future...

@surrendertojoy: Turns out @ChickfilA is a major supporter of mental health services! Why isn't @JebBush? #ThisPsychMajor #GOPDebate

@APA: Why it's important more people get psych degrees: To combat the current shortage of psychologists  #ThisPsychMajor

Linked Washington Post article: Why it’s so hard to find a mental health professional

@cindykane: Students - check out the #ThisPsychMajor hashtag and learn a lot about what you can do with a Psych major!

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