What Sex Really Means

A multiple choice test.

Posted Jan 11, 2019

1.     Certified proof that we’re both ready to merge forever, to be as one, exclusive and eternally devoted to each other.

2.     Just some fun, loaning our bodies to each other as playthings.

3.     I’m saved, granted eternal life, heaven on earth and beyond.

4.     Finally, I can show my face to my friends since I’ve had you.

5.     Another notch on my belt, further proof that I’m OK.

6.     Finally, ultimate proof that I’m not a loser.

7.     A night’s relief from that ever-looming sense that I’m a failure.

8.     I love you since I couldn’t have done that with someone I didn’t love.

9.     Nothing. Just a biological impulse satisfied.

10.  Finally, I can have the baby I’ve always wanted!

11.  What have I done?! On impulse, I’ve made a commitment I don’t want to and can’t fulfill.

12.  Finally, I conform to society’s expectations of me. I’m a grownup now.

13.  As much as a good meal, temporary satiation of a recurring appetite.

14.  As much as a good trip to the bathroom, temporary relief through release.

15.  I’m a sinner. I won’t respect myself in the morning.

16.  I’m a saint. Someone just engaged in ritual devotion to me.

17.  I’m useful!

18.  I’ve been used!

19.  I won the lottery!

20.  I’ve sunk this low!

21.  I’m released – Smooth sailing from now on.

22.  Uh-oh. I’m in trouble now.

23.  I don’t know my own mind. Before it, I needed it so badly. Now I can’t imagine why I thought I needed it.

24.  There. Unambiguous proof that I’m in with this one.

25.  There. Unambiguous proof of any one of the above.