How to Learn a Language Part 2

The language learning secrets of the man who invented one of the world’s best-selling language series have been hidden for years. Unveiled in this article are Paul Pimsleur´s principles for effectively learning pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary in a new language.

How to Learn a Language

The language learning secrets of the man who invented one of the world’s best-selling language series have been hidden for years. Unveiled in this article is the forgotten wisdom of the man who studied Russian with a martini in his hand.

Is Your Manager Killing Your Career?

One of the things that people with highly successful careers often have in common is a good manager, or a series of good managers. But how do you recognise the kind of manager who will boost - or kill - your career?

Why Didn’t I Get That Job?

In the aftermath of an unsuccessful job interview, most people are too busy being disappointed to ask the questions that can pave the road to getting the job they want. Here’s how to be different.

Increase Your Attention Span!

Can focus and attention span be trained? Recent research reported in American Psychologist suggests you may be able to increase your focus, working memory, and even your intelligence through a free computer game—do try this at home. This game has also been suggested as a treatment for ADD.

How Do Executives Survive?

Life as a senior manager is harder than most people think. Long hours, crushing workloads, multiple and constant pressures, and incessant conflict and unpopularity often come with the job. Yet executives are typically healthier and happier than the rest of us. How do they do it?

Treat Your Baby Like a Monkey!

Think you're smarter than a chimpanzee? So why does your baby cry and scream so much more than her offspring? What can new parents learn from how non-human primates raise their young?

Getting Paid What You’re Worth

Around half of people consider themselves underpaid for the work that they do. But what do they mean by ‘underpaid’? Understanding the seven different ways of deciding what a fair pay rate is can help you understand how your boss thinks, and give you an edge when negotiating your salary.

The Limits of Ambition

What can rock climbers, All Blacks, dogs with silly hats, professional basketball players, and pharmacists teach us about successful goal setting?

Does Education Stifle Creativity?

Michael Michalko comments "Unfortunately, I've come to believe that education is a great inhibitor of our natural creativity... To me it seems that in the real world those who know more, create less; and those who know less create more". What's the evidence about whether this is true?

How Do High Achievers Really Think?

There is a problem with standing in front of the mirror every morning and saying something like: "I will be king of the world in just five days, I just know it."

Keep it Simple Stupid

Modern business is in love with the complex and advanced. The ‘strategic' is better than the ‘operational'. Frontline managers want to do courses aimed at company directors, rather than basic management courses. Incomprehensibility is taken as a sign of genius. But are we forgetting something important?

Beware the Perfect Job Candidate

Some people advise that when asked about your weaknesses in a job interview, you should stick to talking about your strengths (e.g. "I'm a perfectionist"). If you're dealing with an experienced interviewer, this is a Very Bad Idea. Why?

What Your Next Boss Really Thinks of You

If your boss told you to start preparing for your next job interview, you might be a bit alarmed. But it would be good advice. Here's how to ace your next interview...