Four Steps To Developing Patience

So, what's the purpose of building patience abilities? In a word, happiness. Better relationships, more success. Well worth the effort, I'd say. But effort, indeed, it takes.

Avoid a Surprising Holiday Hurt

Do you find it hard to imagine how someone would not like appreciation or compliments?

How to Wreck Your Self Esteem: Compare Youself with Others

Typical scenarios- do you recognize yourself? A client called me today in despair. She's opened a small dress store and was at a networking meeting talking with a business associate, who is also in the retail industry. Her associate was happy about the upturn in her company's sales and my client began comparing her own fledgling shop's receipts with the sales of her associate's long standing national company. Result: A revived worry for my client that she is not good enough, successful enough, strong enough, capable enough, driven enough- and never will be. She overlooks her courage, self discipline, honesty, organizational skills, love of women, and aesthetic sense.

Increase Self Esteem and Relationship Satisfaction with Yawning?

Think yawning is rude? Think again. You can increase self esteem and relationship satisfaction with yawning.

The Other Three Magic Words for Relationships and Self-Esteem

Relational harmony increases self-esteem and lowers anxiety. These three words are even more effective for creating that harmony and therefore lowering anxiety. 

Defuse Holiday Conflicts: How To Mirror

Wanna Fight? NO? Then Mirror

Defuse Holiday Conflicts with the Gift of Mirroring

You can count on pain and conflict if you don't know how to mirror.

How Reality Checking Can Save Your Life and Your Dreams

Never again would I not ask about what kind of a relationship another person wants before I actually entered one. I had learned the painful results of not doing a reality check.

Raise Your Self Esteem by Getting Unglued from Your Stuck Feelings

Find peace from troublesome feelings and increase harmony in your relationships by using this awesome Conscious Witness perspective on yourself

7 More Reasons It's So Darn Hard To Earn The Empathy Gold Cup

Why don't people just learn empathy and stop fighting?

Stop Giving Me Empathy! It Makes Me Feel Bad

So you think everybody always wants understanding? Do you have any of these barriers to recieving empathy.

Raise Self Esteem with the Lifeblood of Empathy

I call empathy lifeblood, because it gives us vitality. After all, a basic everyday, all day human need is to be seen, heard and recognized for who we are. Not for how someone would like us to be. Not for how someone is trying to get us to be. But for who we are inside: Our feelings, thoughts, desires, and dreams.

Wanna Be Zesty or Testy?

A simple (but sometimes secret) household and office ingredient makes the difference between feeling zesty or testy...