Shattered Image

Do you struggle with critical views of yourself? Find ways to challenge them. Write them away!

Rites of Passage With Wisdom to Grow

Life if full of challenges, of rites of passage. What has helped you grow? What have you learned? Write to discover more about yourself from these difficult times.

Resiliency Is the Key

Each day something might try to wear us down, but we can become stronger.

How Do You Measure Your Life?

As we measure our lives, remember a failure can become a success. If we never fail, then we are not taking on enough challenges. We are not discovering our outer boundaries. Write so that you can discover your authentic self--that is a true measure of success.

Going Batty!

Life is full of challenges and change! Often it is how we view those changes that matter--are we excited or apprehensive? Discover how to make challenges work to your advantage.

Burdened by Memories

Write to honor those you have helped you. Write to honor your authentic self. Write to heal past hurts and grow into your future self.

Why Do We Have To Hurt Someone?

We all face traumas. What can we do to help ourselves heal?

Where Is...?

How do we not lose ourself and our dreams in our crazy busy lives?

A Kick to the Head

Life often hands us challenges, but it is what we do with them that matters.

Sudden Death

We all are faced with challenges, so how do we get through them?

College Bound

Do you have what it takes to succeed?
Life Is Change!

Life Is Change!

Life is like weather. If you don't like it, just wait, it'll change. Trouble is? It'll change even if you like it!
Love Is ...

Love Is ...

Love is more than roses ... it is respect.

Are You Talkin' to Me? Do I Really Care?

People always have something to say, but sometimes we just don't need to listen.

Time Passes...

Time passes, so I must not pass up opportunities. I must not pass by a friend who is struggling and not offer to help. I must not pass through a day without telling my children that I love them. I must not pass up the chance to laugh or appreciate the world around me.