Can You Come Home to Yourself?

Meditation is the quintessential training of attention. Getting better control of your attention is the foundation of changing your brain, and thus your life, for the better.

Do You Bear a Grudge?

Ill will creates negative, vicious cycles. But that means that goodwill can create positive cycles. Plus, goodwill cultivates wholesome qualities in you.

Do People Ever Make You Mad?

Ill will creates negative, vicious cycles. But that means that good will can create positive cycles. Plus good will cultivates wholesome qualities in you.

Juggling Bricks?

In a way, everything is a cloud, made of parts. Enjoy the clouds. Relax.

To What Is Your Mind Given?

Return to reliable rewards of feeling already full. Savor pleasure, move, lift your eyes to the horizon, enjoy art, feel the core of your body, and come into the present moment.

Wishing Well?

Practice benevolence toward others; look for good things in them. Know what the act and attitude of blessing feels like, and take in the experience to call upon it in the future.

What Can I Do?

We all know that the needs in this world are great. And so are the opportunities to make a big difference to the ones we touch.

What Do Others Want?

You have to actively look for good intentions. You'll find them all around you - the deep goodness in every being. Practice looking for good intentions that may make you happier.

Are We Really So Separate?

When you love the world, you appreciate and care for it. Each of these actions makes you feel good, they help you preserve and improve everything you depend on: air, food, etc.

Mirror, on the Wall, What're the Deepest Wants of All?

Responsive and Reactive modes of living are the foundation of human nature. We have no choice about the vital aims they serve nor about the brain’s capacity to be in either mode.

What Are Your Intentions Towards Others?

It's natural to move between Green and Red. In Green, we are benevolent toward ourselves and the world. In Red we avoid threats and the fight-or-flight nervous system activates.

What Could You Offer?

Listen to your heart for offerings calling to be expressed. Maybe it's the offering of never speaking out of anger or really starting that novel, or determining to give love daily.

What Do You Think About When You First Wake Up?

When waking from sleep, try to be aware of your deep purpose, or aspiration, or guiding light. Find refuge in things that support you by taking a moment and letting it sink in.

Are You Breathing?

When you inhale, oxygen surges into your brain and accelerates the heartbeat. When you exhale, your heart beats more slowly.

What's Carrying You?

Fundamentally, this practice means a relaxed opening into the love—in a very very broad sense—that is the actual nature of everything.

Is There Enough?

While the truth of futility is that it is hopeless to crave, the truth of fullness is that craving is unnecessary.

Got Cheese?

When you help the early mammalian parts of your brain feel rewarded and fulfilled it's easier to let go of longing, disappointment and craving.

Longing for Love?

Hug the monkey inside yourself. It helps satisfy an innate human need for connection can remedy old pain and provides that fundamental human sustenance: love.

Down Deep, Do You Feel At Ease?

The brain is highly integrated, so three key functions—avoiding, approaching, and attaching—are accomplished by all parts of the brain working together.

Are You Full to the Rim?

Enjoy emptiness in the forms that speak to you, such as, the space between thoughts as your mind calms and becomes still, or a Saturday with no plans at all.

What Is Living You?

You and I are constructed each moment by the currents - the forces and factors, both internal and external - flowing through us. Choose to give ourselves over to the good ones.

What Matters Most to You?

You'll never know when you step over the invisible line and the countdown begins but you can know, before and after you cross it, that you've remembered the big things.

What's Your Own Role?

Acknowledging one's own part in a difficult situation is one of the hardest - and I think most honorable - things a person can do.

Busy, Busy?

Tell the truth to yourself about how much time you actually, truly come to rest (other than sleep): not accomplishing anything, planning anything, going anywhere. Utterly at rest.

Is It Worth It?

Sometimes getting a raise is worth the awkwardness of asking for one; and deepening intimacy is worth the vulnerability of saying "I love you."

What Do Their Faces Say to You?

In the broadest sense, receiving the faces of others across the world is an important step toward stitching the fabric of humanity closer together.

Are We There Yet?

To survive, animals - including us - have to be goal-directed, leaning into the future. Endless striving to get tasks done can get confusing and stressful.

Who Are You Prosecuting?

Set down the case, like plopping down a heavy suitcase. Enjoy the feelings, the spaciousness of mind, openness of heart, inner freedom, and other rewards of dropping your case.

What Do You Want?

List wholesome wants that you would like to pursue more. Your wholesome wants will help crowd out the unwholesome ones.

Could It Crack?

Do what's in your heart about what's fragile in our world. Try to come to peace with the inevitable. Everything cracks. There is something beautiful about this part of the truth.