What Do Others Give You?

Say Thanks - it's a small moment with big ripples: a confirmation of a wonderful truth - that we are all joined in a web of innumerable acts of giving.

What Are You Learning?

It shows you're paying attention, it gets things out in the open and it slows emotional conversations.

What Puts People at Ease?

Much of the time the fear we trigger in others is mild but people can feel threatened by stimuli they're not actually aware of.

What Do You Need?

For better or worse, what you do to others ripples back to you; what you do to yourself ripples out to others. Recognizing this in your belly and bones will change your life for the better. And it will change the lives of others for the better as well.

When Have People Been Caring?

Sometimes we feel embarrassed about our yearnings to be cared about. But they are completely normal - and deeply rooted in evolution. Love, broadly defined, has been the primary driver of the development of the brain over the last 80 million years.

What's Your Heart Saying?

Naming the truth - in particular the facts of one's experience, which no one can disprove - with simplicity and sincerity, and without contentiousness or blame, has great moral force.

What Are They Feeling?

Imagine a day at work like this, or in your family, aware of the surface behavior of the people around you but oblivious to their inner life while they remain unmoved by your own. That's a world without empathy. To me, it sounds like a horror film.

Friend or Foe?

Being friendly can make you feel confident and happy, have a positive take on other people, and move toward the world instead of backing away from it.

Do You Care?

Compassion is natural. You don't have to force it — moments of compassion come in the flow of life. Try to be open to compassion — including all beings, omitting none.

Where Does It Hurt?

Look at the faces of the people around you and open up to their suffering but be careful not to be overwhelmed by it. Take it in small doses. Watch and listen to those closest to you. What's hurting over there? Face it, even if you have to admit that you are one of its causes. Opening up to suffering is one of the bravest things you can do.

Who Is Behind the Mask?

Much of the time, we interact mask-to-mask with other people. There's a place for that. But remember times when someone saw through your mask to the real you, the person back behind your eyes.

Eat Right

Good nutrition is a key part of maintaining your energy as a parent. Eating healthy helps parents stay good-humored and patient with children, even when the oatmeal starts flying. With this in mind, here is your daily Mother Nurture recipe, designed specifically with a parent's nutritional needs in mind. It's got just seven ingredients. This recipe is good for anyone.

Turn Anger Into A Peaceful Heart

Fortunately, there's a healthy middle path between tight-lipped self-censoring and boiling-over rage. These three things will help guide you to find peace. 1) Stop Things from Building Up 2) Understand What's Making You Angry 3) Find Key Ways to Turn Anger into Peace

Parent From the Same Page

Minor differences in parenting style are okay. But children get confused when there are major differences in their parents’ approaches, and become more likely to play one parent against the other. Here are five ways to work effectively with your partner and get the best possible results.

Refill Your Cupboard

Stress builds up over time, so it's important to do small things throughout the day to keep the stress meter in the "green zone." There are many ways to lower the sense of stress in your mind or body, even in the middle of a busy day.

Stay Well

Make sure they are getting enough sleep and that they are eating correctly, doing exercise regularly, avoiding health hazards, and having regular checkups.

Lower Your Stress

Every so often, stop all that doing for a bit. Perhaps the In Box is empty, the baby's asleep, and the bills are in the mail. The urgency of the daily round falls away and a quiet fills the air. Thoughts slow down, no longer grabbed and jostled by tasks. There is presence in this moment, and no worries about the future.

Being at Peace With the Pain of Others

When you recognize the truth of others' pain, it is strangely calming. You still care about the other person, and you do what you can, but you see that this pain and its causes are a tiny part of a larger and mostly impersonal whole.

Be Amazed

Try to see more of your world as if you are seeing it for the first time, perhaps through the eyes of a child. If you're not amazed, you're not paying attention. If we were brave enough to be more often filled with wonder and surprise, we would treat ourselves, others, and our fragile world more gently.

Be Mind Full of Good

Believe in realistic thinking, seeing the whole mosaic of reality, the good, the bad and the neutral. Life is often hard - and because we've got a brain that's relatively poor at growing the inner strengths needed to deal with these challenges - we need to focus on the good facts in life, let them become good experiences, and then help these experiences really sink in.

Kindness to You Is Kindness to Me

Helping others helps you; helping yourself helps others. Similarly, harming others harms you; harming yourself harms others. By letting it really land inside you that we are deeply connected with each other.

Grow a Key Inner Strength

Use these four questions help grow inner strengths. 1) What's the issue? 2) What psychological resource - inner strength - if it were more present in your mind, would really help with this issue? 3) How could you have experiences of this inner strength? 4) How could you help this experience of the inner strength really sink in to you?

Feel Whole

With moments of practice that add up over time, you feel more like a whole person, less fragmented and partial, less yanked this way and that by competing desires in your head. As this happens, you feel more fed and fulfilled and thus less defended, less separated from others, less apart—and more connected, more entwined with the world as whole.

Love Freely

Compassion, empathy, kindness, friendship, cooperation, and generosity are all in our nature, woven into the DNA of the most social - and most loving - species on the planet. Love is a natural wellspring inside us all. It doesn't need to be pushed or pumped. It needs to be released.

Do Freely

The relentless pace of do-do-doing wears down mental and physical health. Instead, do what you need to do while also refreshing again and again a sense of choice about it. And if you can't feel at choice at some level about what you are doing, see if you can feel at choice about how you are experiencing it.

Rest in Center

When you feel anxious, sad, irritated, inadequate, or blue, there is a deeper place that is undisturbed, calm, strong, and wise: your center. As you deepen your sense of connection with this core of your being, you'll be more resilient, happier, and more at ease with others.

Relax Needless Fear Around Others

Most of the time, people could care less what you're doing - you are just a bit player in their own personal drama. Or if they do care, it's a passing feeling. Even if the other person reacts to you, most likely you could handle it fine. If there is something to deal with - a conflict, a betrayal - you can be clear-eyed and strong, without being anxious.

Enjoy the Freedom Not To

If you can't say "no" - to others, and to yourself - then your "yesses" will lose their meaning and power. Claiming for yourself the “freedom not to” will give you a feeling of ease, of room to breathe, of not needing to jump to some task or to agree or disagree immediately with someone.

Water Your Fruit Tree

There's usually a short list of things that really support a person. What's on your own list? Try to do one thing each day on this list, and feel the rewards for you and others. You will be "passing forward" a true gift to the person you will be tomorrow . . . and a year from now.

Choose to Love

Try to focus less on how others should be, and focus more on your own practice of finding your own genuine love. It's like strengthening your heart.