Is Your Mind Wandering?

Controlling your attention, by pulling it away from what's bothersome or pointless (such as mental grumbling or self-criticism) is the foundation for changing your brain.

What Can You Do When Nothing Is Working?

Sometimes it helps to change the channel, shake things up, distract yourself, rest or enjoy something. A respite or some sort of pleasure will help to refuel you for challenges.

Are You Stressed Or Upset?

We move back and forth between Green and Red, which our ancestors evolved to survive and pass on to us in their genes.

What's Changing?

Nothing about opening to the changing nature of both internal experiences and external conditions means that we should pursue wholesome ends and means any less wholeheartedly.

Are You Hard On Yourself?

Inner criticism tears you down. Commit to skillful corrections. Take a big breath and very deliberately name to yourself three strengths or virtues you have and let them sink in.

What Are You Fighting?

Conflicts with others are a normal part of life. But if we do this while swept away by anger, that's not good for us or others.

What Gets You Stuck?

Remind yourself how it's in your own best interest to admit fault and move on. It takes a strong person to admit fault, and it puts us in a stronger position with others.

Where Do You Live?

Be aware of breathing and let everything else go. There's always a doorway to a deeper sense of presence and peace: being the body.

What Do You Notice in People?

See the good in others - it's a simple but very powerful way to feel happier and more confident, and become more loving and more productive in the world.

Who Are You, Deep Down?

Try to take in the good of feeling cared about; recognize goodness in your acts of thought, word, and deed. Enjoy this beautiful goodness, so real and so true.

What Do You Need?

"Vitamin C" is. Daily life is full of opportunities to notice or create experiences of inner strength, a psychological resource. Take it into yourself, making it a part of you.

What Are You Resisting?

It is easy to accept life’s beautiful things. It is the hard things in life that are hard to accept. The sweet spot is both by accepting the fact that they are what they are.

Love Your Neighbor

Compassion and kindness expresses an inner freedom. 

Love Someone

At a time when you may feel powerless about the wider world, at least locally, here and now, you can make a real difference. Love is never defeated. Heart after heart after heart.

Beware Of Anger

In small and passing quantities, anger can be like medicine, but in large and lasting quantities it poisons the mind and relationships.

Feed the Wolf of Love

The wolf of hate today breeds alienation, anger, and conflicts with others. The wolf of love is fed with our hearts and with hopes.

What Happens When You Look at Someone?

Though fast and efficient this process has lots of problems. As our ancestors evolved, rapid sorting of friend or foe was very useful but is it still.

Trust Yourself

Be your whole self; it's your whole self that you can trust. See what happens when you let yourself fall backward into your own arms, trusting that they will catch you.

How Do You Love?

Love is in our nature, woven into our DNA. Love is a natural wellspring inside us all. It doesn't need to be pushed or pumped. It needs to be released.

Are You Exaggerating Sticks While Downplaying Carrots?

When we wake up and see the facts and live in the light, we feel so much freer, at ease, unthreatened, confident, overflowing, loved, and loving.

What Doesn't Change?

Stillness is a relief from bustle and a source of clarity and peace. Find some quiet amidst the noise. Give yourself space and permission, to be still, at least in your mind.

What Are You Bracing Against?

When criticism does come, will it actually be the terrible experience you dread? Usually not. Try to roll with it, take what's useful, learn and move on.

Are You All Over The Place?

There is a deeper place that is undisturbed, your center. As you deepen your sense of connection with this core of your being, you'll be more resilient, happier, and at ease.

Are You Doing Too Much?

Sometimes you have to give up the rewards of a new thing for the greater rewards of making some space in your life.

Feeling A Little Sour?

Take responsibility for your tone and its impacts, and recommit to a clearer, cleaner, more direct way of expressing yourself.

Who Are You Resisting?

See what it feels like to stop resisting what another person is like while also taking care of your own needs in the relationship. Acceptance is a gift that gives back.

Is It Truly Urgent?

Pressure activates ancient motivational circuits that were very effective in keeping our ancestors alive but even at best, there is an inherent collateral damage.

What Is Your Sense Of Peace?

Enjoy peacefulness. When you experience peace, enjoy it, which will help it sink into you, weaving its way into your brain so it increasingly becomes the habit of your mind.

What Makes Your Life?

We are hungry for love and need others. Let this truth in. Accepting your inherent dependence brings you into harmony with the way life is.

What's Up With These People?

It’s natural for others to want things from you, but it can be stressful. But, there’s a sweet spot from which you can respond to their wants with an internal sense of autonomy.