9 Ways Some People Will Take Advantage of You

Have you been emotionally ambushed by a coercive friend, coworker, or family member?

Where Is Your Community?

Community--why we need it, how to cultivate it.

Is Yoga Really Good for Your Health?

The many benefits of yoga today.

Do You Have a Disorganized Person in Your Life?

The next time you feel ambushed by a disorganized person in your life, remember that you do have a choice.

What’s Your Vision of Retirement?

A new generation is redefining retirement

Thinking of New Year's Resolutions?

Ben Franklin's approach to personal development.

The Gift that No One Wants

If you're feeling overwhelmed by holiday stress, try giving yourself the gift of self-compassion.

Don't Just Sit There. . .

Regular movement supports our natural metabolic processes; our bodies don’t function well if we just sit around. Recent studies have linked prolonged sitting with anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and type 2 diabetes

Do You Live in an Unhealthy System?

Healthy systems promote trust. But recent research has shown a dramatic decline in trust on others and confidence in our social institutions.

Do You Live for Love, Fear, or Duty?

The artists of the Renaissance believed that we were here to discover and create, not to be driven by fear or smothered by duty. What about you?

How Do You See Your Mistakes?

Mistakes can be a source of shame or a chance to learn.

Have We Become Addicted to Violence?

America's children spend 40 hours a week watching violent entertainment in the media. What can we do about our nation's addiction to violence?

What's the Point of a College Education?

In recent years, college education has become a rite of passage, but concepts of college vary. Some see it as job preparation. Others see it as a way for young people to learn to think deeply and critically, to solve complex problems. For Thomas Jefferson, an educated electorate was essential to our democracy

How Resilient Are You?

Why some people thrive in the face of adversity

How Healthy Is Your Job?

How healthy is your workplace? Does it inspire and support you or stress you out?

The Trouble With Accountability

An over reliance on accountability and assessment can actually undermine performance.

Do You Still Feel You’re Not “Good Enough”?

Acceptance nurtures our hearts and souls. If we’re fortunate, we get it from nurturing parents. But we can also get it by giving ourselves the gift of self-compassion.

Do Laptops and Tablets Undermine Our Ability to Learn?

While well-meaning parents and educators provide students with the latest tablet or laptop, these electronic devices may actually undermine their ability to learn.

Traumatic Growth: What Makes the Difference?

Why some people not only survive trauma but thrive, going on to lead vibrant, meaningful lives.

Is Your Boss a Narcissist?

Have you felt disrespected and driven by a narcissistic boss's dictates and demands?

Why Writing Is Good for Your Health

Writing about our deepest feelings can be profoundly healing.

Why Are We So Mean to Each Other?

Research shows we can increase our compassion with just eight weeks of meditation.

How Much Control Do You Have in Your Life?

One of our basic human needs is a sense of control, to know that we have a choice, that our actions make a difference.

Bread and Roses

Human life is about more than satisfying our deficiency needs. As Abraham Maslow realized, we have higher needs for beauty and meaning.

Don't Give Away Your Power

Chronic complaining only confirms our sense of learned helplessness.

What Do You Do When You See People Treated Unfairly?

It takes courage to disagree, to stand out from the crowd.

Do You Live in an Emotional Ghetto?

How much do unstable conditions undermine impulse control in our country today?

Dealing with Stress—Taking Charge of Your Life

Simply reclaiming the open spaces--the available margins in your days--can bring greater peace to your life.

Do You Sabotage Yourself When You Reach for Your Goals?

We have a set point for happiness, like the setting on a thermostat. We often unconsciously drag ourselves back down when we reach it, but we can break this limiting habit.

Are You Ready for a New Year's Revolution?

Simple steps for overcoming the compulsive consumerism that litters our lives with clutter and stress.