Ignore the Latest Research on Babies?

We read the headline with disbelief—Dear Parents, Please Ignore the Latest Research. Was this Nicolas Day writing in the New York Times? Nah—could not be. So we clicked on the article and started to read. At least it caught our attention. But really?

Why Johnny (and Jenny) Can’t Read: The Prequel

Poor Johnny. Since 1975, we have known about this pesky achievement gap that just won’t go away. Rich kids score better than poor kids in math and reading. The evidence tells us that well before Johnny can read, he needs to hear a lot of language to develop a strong language base. Language is a prequel to literacy.

Welcome to Your Other Mothers

If you are overwhelmed with the 700 million possible places to look for information about kids, stop here. In the information age, sifting through mountains of information can be as important as having that information. You have just met the interpreters and sifters.