How to Keep Your Web Browsing Private

Congress passed a law this week allowing all your internet use - every search, every page visit - to be sold to the highest bidder. Here's how to make your browsing private again.

Should Sexual Predators Be Banned From Social Media?

Some states ban sex offenders from social media. Do these laws protect potential victims? They certainly ignore the fundamental role social media plays in modern communication.

When and Why Trump's Tweets Are Inappropriate, An Analysis

We analyze the appropriateness of tweets and what defines them. Trump's tweets are less appropriate, more negative, less sophisticated than staffers'.

Taylor Swift Analyzed by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is deployed to analyze Taylor Swift's personality from her Twitter account. She seems like a good person to be friends with.

Advice: Wife's Old Flame on Facebook

A man discovers his wife has been exchanging risqué texts with her ex on Facebook. What to do?

Dating Across Party Lines: Do Shared Politics = Love?

A new research study out this week shows that people prefer to date others with similar political beliefs. That has implications for making our politics less divisive.

Clinton Psychoanalyzed by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can predict people's personality traits and psychological states from social media text. This week, we profile Hillary Clinton.

Apps for New Year's Resolutions

Save more money, lose weight, get organized - there's an app for that! Here are 3 apps I've tested to help with your New Year's Resolutions.

Trump Psychoanalyzed by Artificial Intelligence - Part 2

An artificial intelligence analysis of Trump's personality based on his interview with the Washington post (following up an earlier analysis of his tweets)

Advice: Social Media and the Job Search

Advice about how to clean up social media for a college student heading into a job search.

Florida Man Threatens Trump on Facebook, Is Quickly Arrested

Why do people make threats like this online?

Trump Psychoanalyzed by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can evaluate someone's personality and psychological traits from their social media profile. We use that to analyze Donald Trump.

Social Anxiety and Internet Use: What We Know

A review of 26 years of research on social anxiety and the internet show beneficial aspects but also ties to problematic behavior. Here's an overview of what we know.

Why Internet Trolls Enjoy Making You Feel Bad

New studies of internet trolls show they are sadistic, psychopathic, and enjoy being cruel to others.

A New Link Between Depression and Social Media Use

People who use social media more often tend to have higher rates of depression. But which way does the link go?

Advice: How Much Texting Is Too Much for My Teen?

What limits (if any) should a parent put on a constantly texting teen?

How Fear & Anxiety Drive (Some) Narcissists to the Internet

Fear of rejection and low self-esteem pushes vulnerable narcissists to prefer online interactions over in-person socializing.

Advice: Should I Delete My Ex And His Family On Facebook?

When you break up, should your online friendships end, too? Advice to a letter writer who feels self-conscious about her ex's family checking up on her online.

You're Not Really Friends With That Internet Celebrity

The psychology of why you feel an illusion of closeness to your favorite internet personality

Narcissism and Cyberbullying in Online Dating

Gay and straight online daters have different cyberbullying experiences, especially when you account for their narcissism.

How Narcissists Use Twitter

Narcissists want attention, and they get it on Twitter through anti-social tweeting.

Advice: My 16-year-old Wants NAKED Pics of a 13-year-old!

A letter writer needs advice on what to do about a 16-year-old requesting pictures and sex with a 13-year-old.

What's Your Level of Privacy Concern Online?

When it comes to your online data, how worried are you about privacy? Here's a quick way to classify yourself as a Privacy Fundamentalist, Pragmatist, or Unconcerned.

Ted Cruz's Campaign Is Using Psychological Data About You

Ted Cruz's campaign is using psychological data that was collected on millions of unwitting Facebook users without their consent.

How Empathetic Is Your Therapist? Ask An Algorithm

New algorithms can accurately determine how empathetic a therapist is by analyzing session transcripts. This has the potential transform the way therapists are evaluated.

How We Cope

How you cope with stressful situations can head them off or prolong them. What's your style? Find out!

Facebook Tries to Make Breakups Easier

Facebook introduces changes that let you limit what you see of an ex after a breakup.

You Naturally Choose Your Friends With This Pattern

Benford's Law says that numbers in natural systems start with a 1 far more often than they start with a 9. A new study shows this applies to friend counts in social networks - and to friend counts in your own social circle, too.

Can a Computer Detect Schizophrenia Better Than a Therapist?

New algorithms can predict future psychosis with 100% accuracy by detecting disjointed thoughts in speech.

Why Psychopaths Are Immune to Contagious Yawning

Catching a yawn from someone is deeply rooted in empathy, and seen across intelligent, social species. A new study shows that psychopaths, who are lacking in empathy, are far less likely to catch a yawn.