The Empowered Healthcare Consumer

There are 3 need-to-know concepts to make you a more empowered and informed healthcare consumer.

How to Enhance Your Music Listening Experience

Have you ever reeeeally listened to the lyrics of a favorite song? It may make a difference in your listening experience. Research provides possible explanations as to why this matters.

51 Ways to a Greater Musical You

Most new year resolutions follow a traditional track. Why not change things up this year and have your resolution take a musical spin?

Music and the Shopper

This may be one of the few times we actually notice the songs being played as we shop.

10 Eclectic Halloween Songs

Halloween has all the markers of a typical holiday. But where's the music?

5 Intrinsic Perks of Music

There are many extrinsic benefits to music training. For example, musicians tend to have higher math and verbal scores. But what about the intrinsic benefits of being a musician? Those are equally as important, don't you think?

5 Problems Music Can Create

As Uncle Ben counseled Peter Parker, "With great power comes great responsibility." The same can said for music. It wields an incredible power over our minds, bodies, and emotions. At the same time, though, we need to be aware that this power does not always work in our favor.

Can Moving Together Rhythmically Combat Toddler Selfishness?

New research has been made available that shows how rhythmic-motor interactions positively influence prosocial behaviors in toddlers. It's implications are intriguing...

Are Headphones Harming Us?

I'm guilty of using headphones to self-isolate . . . but I know I'm alone. Is there a balance?

The New "Happy," A Protest Anthem

I'm rethinking the peppy, Oscar-nominated pop tune "Happy" after reading about its new role as a protest anthem. How did this happen?

Music Therapy for our Soldiers

The history of the music therapy profession is rooted in military service. Nearly 65 years later we have come full circle as the American Music Therapy Association is set to unveil a white paper titled "Music Therapy and Military Populations: A Status Report and Recommendations on Music Therapy Treatment, Programs, Research, and Practice Policy."

America the Not-So-Beautiful?

Another year, another Super Bowl, another music-related controversy. The 2014 Coca Cola commercial that aired during last night's Super Bowl stood out to me for its beauty and simplicity. Others had less congenial reactions.

The Legacy of Pete Seeger: A Music Therapist's Perspective

The world lost a great musician this week. Here's what Pete Seeger meant to me as a music therapist.

Music: It's More Than "Feel Good"

Every once in awhile a story emerges that affirms how music makes us feel better. I disagree. CAN make us feel better. But it can also do so much more.

Why Holiday Music Can Hurt

Music is second only to smell in its ability to reach into our emotional memories. For those with a complex relationship to the holiday season, being inundated by holiday music may not bring the holiday cheer that's intended.

Music, Your GPS Voice, and the Science of Timbre

"Timbre" is a rather difficult-to-define yet hard-to-ignore concept. It also heavily influences our preferences and our ability to make sense of the sound world we live in.

Is Commonplace Creativity a Lost Art?

This YouTube video has me wondering . . . is daily creativity a lost art?

Translating Comedic Impression to Clinical Experience

How analyzing the video of a musical comedienne informs my work as a music therapist.

43 Easy Ways to Engage Young Kids in Music

Evidence is mounting that encouraging your child's involvement in music is good for his or her development. Here are 43 easy ways to encourage your child's musical engagement as a parent, caregiver, or professional.

WWI and Istanbul: Using Music to Bind Us

Two stories from two very different places and times showcase how music can remind us of our common humanity.

Music, Adaptation, and Evolution

Is music evolutionarily adaptive? David Huron offers some perspective and possibilities.

"Thank You Mister Speaker": On Music and Social Behaviors

Think music doesn't matter in our lives? This video footage highlights how music can shift the mood of an entire group of people. How does this work? History and neuroscience may help explain this phenomenon.

Musical Medicine and TB: A Q&A with author James Markert

Author James Markert answers questions and elaborates on the role "musical medicine" played in his latest novel, "A White Wind Blew."

Can You Divorce Music From Communication?

There are people claiming that music therapists should not be allowed to work with people with communication disorders. I'm stumped. Can you separate communication from music? What do you think?

Listening to Music Ain't a Simple Thing

What was your reaction to Beyonce's Superbowl halftime performance? Everyone listened to the same performance, yet there were highly diverse reactions to it. Why? The answer can be summed up in a single word: complexity. Music is a complex stimulus. Humans are complex beings. The interactions between humans and music is thus a highly complex phenomenon.

"Silent Night" Won't Be the Same For Me

I don't often cry when listening to music. Music touches me—I get chills and experience a range of emotions. But I rarely cry. Last Sunday was different.

Music for the Wounded Soldier

The NEA and the Department of Defense recently announced the launch of a new program at Walter Reed Medical Center where music therapy will be provided as a treatment option for wounded military personnel and their families. Why add music therapy? Consider these three points...

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Music of Politics

It was no accident that President Obama and his family walked out on stage while Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" blared through the speakers.

Which Came First: Music or Language?

Which came first: language or music?

The Perks of Taking a Shower

"Being creative" isn't willy-nilly. There are things you can do to enhance the creative process and let the ideas flow. Here are 6 to get you started.