Investment Advice Based on the Latest Behavioral Research

The market has been acting a bit crazy lately, and for investors who are watching it daily, the intense fluctuations may be driving them a bit crazy too. By reading about prior research on investor psychology and even participating in current research described here, investors can gain greater insights into how to manage both their money and their emotions.

Nine Lessons from Mad Men: The Emotional Cost of Dishonesty

What emotional price do we pay for our lies? Here, I share nine lessons from Mad Men on how to stop your lies from destroying your happiness.

8 Tips for Using Emotion to Make Your Resolutions Stick!

Your emotions can be a very powerful tool for making your New Year's resolutions a reality. This post includes 8 tips for using pain, pleasure, social media, your online calendar and pledges to charities you love and hate to help you succeed with resolutions throughout the year. The key is linking more joy to success and more pain to giving up!

Five Tips for Getting Back on Track the Day After Overeating

If you (like most of Americans) are recovering from eating way too much yesterday, these five healthy tips can help you get back on track! The secret involves a mix of healthy choices, self signaling, and self forgiveness.

Expressing Gratitude Can Make You Sexier!

Research suggests that gratitude can improve your love life and make you more appealing as a romantic partner! Fortunately, you can learn to be more grateful. This article talks about gratitude's positive effects on relationships, health and happiness. It also offers concrete steps you can take to become more grateful, and thus sexier!

Six Research-Backed Tips on Maximizing Your Happiness Now!

Professors from Harvard and the University of British Columbia have just come out with a fantastic book summarizing years of research on maximizing the happiness bang you get for your buck. Read this to learn 6 research backed tips for increasing your own happiness by spending your money and time more wisely. Happy reading!

When Brands Take a Stand on Gay Marriage

Amazon, Expedia and Chick-Fil-A have all taken stands on gay marriage. Could these brands make an impact on how Americans feel about this issue? Is taking a brand-stand smart marketing? Which side of this debate is winning? Get the answers, see the ads, and watch a classic Jon Stewart routine about the issue here!

Fun and Easy Tax Reduction Tips For 2012 and 2013

There are quite a few FUN and easy things out there that qualify as FSA tax deductible expenses! So buy now, reduce your taxes, and enjoy later!

Charitable Giving Guide: Maximize Both Happiness and Impact

Research suggests that giving to charity is good for you! Here I offer tips for using both your head and your heart to answer the following questions: What is the most effective way to decide which causes to support? How can you know which charity will most effectively support that cause? Should you focus all your donation dollars on just one charity or multiple charities?

How Gratitude Can Improve Your Love Life!

Research has shown that gratitude can improve your love life. Indeed, being more appreciative may make you sexier! Research also suggests that you can learn to be more grateful. This article talks about the research on gratitude's positive effects on relationships, health and happiness. It also offers concrete steps you can take to become more grateful.

Which Emotions Have the Most Impact on Voters?

While many complain that too many American voters are driven by emotions, there is actually a huge upside to being emotional when it comes to voting. The more intensely one feels about the issues and/or the candidates, the more likely that person is to vote. However, negative emotions may be more powerful than positive emotions when it comes to motivating voters.

How Voting Contributes to Your Overall Well Being

Unless you plan to run for public office, the decision to go through the effort of voting is often an emotion-driven decision with psychological benefits. Voting is likely to improve our self-concept, whereas, not voting can lead to self-concept distress. Indeed, for many Americans, the act of voting is largely about feeling involved and improving our emotional well-being.

Which Debate Will Have the Most Impact on Voters?

Americans love the thrill of a good game. That's why so many decided voters watch the debates.They know they won’t change their minds. They just want to see their side win! Yet, for undecided voters, debates can affect voting. However, not all debates matter equally. Several psychological theories predict which presidential debate will have the most influence on voters.

Why Romney Shouldn't Have Given Up On That 47%

Why do so many Americans still vote against their own economic self-interest? Hint: It is not because they are all stupid.

Google's Personal Growth Guru Shares His Wisdom

What actions does Google’s Director of Personal Growth say are the keys to becoming more successful, more likable, and happier? Read this blog post to find out! Also, there are links links to fantastic videos on emotional intelligence on the last page of this post.

Sound Advice on Emotionally Intelligent Investing

Emotions play a role in people’s investment decisions, whether they realize it or not. Being aware of such emotional patterns can help your performance in the stock market.