10 Tips to Boost Performance & Live a Richer & Happier Life

Is our level of happiness something we can control? Evidence shows that about one half of our happiness is predetermined—the other half is ours for the taking.

Clouds and Silver Linings

As a therapist, I am always thinking about adversity. After all, why would clients come to me (or any other therapist, for that matter) were they not in some type of trouble?

A Sneak Peek at the Paperback Version of Transcendence

In this award winning book on the scientifically proven health and stress-relieving benefits of Transcendental Meditation, a renowned psychiatrist and researcher explores why TM works, what it can do for you, and how to use it for maximum effect.

10 Ways to Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence

It may not be possible for everyone to have a psychotherapist. But you can become your own therapist (After all, Freud analyzed himself). It all starts with learning how to listen to your feelings.

Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Holiday Blues: Which Do you have and tips to avoid the Holiday Blues?

For many of us, the holidays are a joyful time. But for some people, the expected happiness does not arrive. Lonely people - without family or friends - and those who grew up in dysfunctional families and have unpleasant memories of the holidays, simply can't achieve the ideal that many commercial images of the holidays portray.

Preventing Winter Weight Gain

As the days get short and dark, many of us crave carbohydrate-rich foods. Breads, potatoes and pasta become irresistible, not to mention cookies, cake and donuts. And carbohydrates beget more carbohydrates. One potato chip invites another. And who was ever able to eat just one cookie?