Teach Someone to Prioritize Using Psychological Distance

You may be tempted to write off some team members as never being able to manage themselves. They may be great at execution, but the level of handholding they need about what actually has to get done is frustrating. It would be ideal if there were a way to get everyone on a work team to be thinking about the big picture.

Dude, You’re Freaking Out

The week before the year-end holiday, Adam, a commodities trader, wanted to flatten out his riskiest positions to have his mind at ease on vacation with his fiancé. But when news broke that he hadn't planned on, he panicked and messed up his well-laid plans. We'll see how neuroscience highlights five mistakes he didn't have to make, and what to do instead.

How Much Can Your Employees Get Away With?

I was baffled. It was years ago, during my first semester as a physics and math teacher at a last chance Brooklyn public high school. I could be as clear as day about my intentions, what I wanted from the kids, my reasons, and the consequences for non-compliance, and yet the kids did whatever they wanted. But after a while, they started to fall in line. What was happening?