Can Countries Lose Their Minds?

To say that a country lost its mind is a metaphoric description of a politically dysfunctional state.

Jupiter’s Moons and Childhood Bipolar Disorder

...Psychiatry has a different problem... from that of astronomers of the early 1600’s. Instead of an inability to see...phenomena...psychiatrists see phenomena that are not there.

Central Planning and U.S Child Psychopharmacology

Is there overcontrol of the prescription of antipsychotics to children and adolescents in the U.S.?

Astronomy and Psychiatry: Brain Dust and Cosmic Dust

Let's clean up some conclusions in recent psychiatric studies of the brain

A Novel Trial for Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

The failure of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder to respond to lamotrigine as adolescents and adults...

The Most Important Controversy in Current Psychiatry

A dimensional approach does not permit discrimination between health and illness, and there is no scientific base for its use in research.

A Sad Clinical Trial for Depression

One of the most incendiary indictments of clinical psychopharmacology trials in children and adolescents was published in the September 2015 Issue of the well respected British Med

Stimulant Treatment of Children with ADHD and Tics

For decades a dispute has persisted about whether stimulant medications for ADHD can cause tics. A recent study seems to have resolved the issue.

Psychiatry and Frankenstein

Effective psychiatric treatments may serve as unwanted reminders that the human mind is a machine that can be broken and remedied with mechanical fixes

Attempting to Provide Care for Vulnerable Children

In a major study of children aged two to fourteen years in foster care, only 25% of children with severe behavioral needs received any services at all.

ADHD Kills

There was a two fold increase in death rates for those with ADHD.

Don’t Close More State Hospitals

Should we bring back the state hospital system?

The Diagnostic Swamp of Childhood Bipolar Disorder NOS

Just published in one of the world’s leading psychiatric journals is a study documenting the dramatic change in bipolar disorder NOS (not otherwise specified) diagnosed in children and adolescents aged 2 to 19 years from 1999 to 2010.

Aristotle Meets Managed Care

Similar to virtuous tobacco company publicist, virtuous used car salesman, and virtuous bill collector, virtuous is the last word that might come to mind when thinking of a psychopharmacologist. Relentless vilification in the press and in several recent books has shaped the public’s aversion to psychopharmacology.

Surprise in Pediatric Bipolar Disorder Guidelines

Unexpectedly, the AACAP bipolar disorder guidelines were published next to a sharply critical commentary

Torturing the Mentally Ill

Placing mentally ill prisoners in solitary confinement is barbaric

New Link Between Stimulant Treatment and Heart Disease

New study finds link between rarely occurring heart disease and stimulant use in children with ADHD

Looking for Reasons to Read the Research Literature

Is Your Doctor Reading the Mental Health Research Literature?

Autism and Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

Is irritability diagnostic of bipolar disorder in autistic children?

A Case of Pediatric Bipolar Misdiagnosis Grown Up

Internationally reknowned Australian child psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Parry, provides nightmarish case history of misdiagnosed pediatric bipolar disorder

Medical (Mis)Education and Child Bipolar Disorder

Mental health professionals are often misled about the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children.

The Feelings of Children with ADHD

What feelings are associated with ADHD?

DSM-5 and Child Neglect and Abuse

Is there a diagnostic dilemma with child abuse and neglect in DSM-5?

DMDD: The Wrong Diagnosis in the Wrong Place

What's wrong with DSM-5 Disruptive Mood Dysregulation DIsorder?

Irritable Children

Irritability in childhood does not predict bipolar disorder in adulthood

Have You Lost Your Mind?

Is the mind in the brain?

NIMH Greases the Skids for Bipolar Disorder in Children

NIMH repeats its contribution to the child bipolar disorder fad

Child Bipolar Disorder

NIMH Child Bipolar study creates only the illusion of a disorder

Ten Reasons I Love DSM

Although vilified, there is much to love about DSM

Location, Location, Location

Clinic location accounts for response to child bipolar disorder drugs