Why Are We All so frightened?

Humans fear everything that is unfamiliar or not-like-me: we fear unfamiliar dogs, people who look or dress differently, unfamiliar places, things that go bump in the night, etc.

Marijuana or Obesity: Which Is Worse?

Each person will have a different answer to the question of “which is worse.” The answer will be determined by the genetic cards you were dealt by your parents.

For Brain Gain, Try Cinnamon

Cinnamon has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant actions in the brain that may benefit both young and old people with learning impairments.

Why Did They Bring Frankincense and Myrrh?

In ancient times, frankincense and myrrh were commonly used together for both medical and religious purposes.

Cannabis for the Treatment of Psychosis

CBD, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, may have significant therapeutic efficacy for the treatment of schizophrenia.

Using Marijuana to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Long-term, low-dose daily exposure, during mid-life, to marijuana can effectively slow the brain processes underlying Alzheimer’s disease.

Daughters Inherit Emotional Control From Their Mothers

A new study finds a link between the brain circuitry of mothers and that of their daughters.

Can Your Diet Make You Stupid?

Obesity induces alterations in how the DNA within the cells of your brain allow you to encode new memories.

This Is Why You Wanted Coffee and Donuts This Morning

If coffee and donuts did not exist, our brains would force us to invent them.

A Magical Elixir for the Mind

The fact that science has not yet invented a true brain enhancer has not stopped people from selling magical elixirs on the TV and internet.

Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain

The bugs in your gut can positively or negatively influence your mental function and stress response; it is definitely worth your effort to keep them very happy with a healthy diet.

Recent Links Between Food and Mood

A poor diet that was high in saturate fats and caloric levels lead to depression. Fortunately, it is never too late to take advantage of the benefits of a healthy diet.

Caffeine is a gateway drug to cocaine

By any definition, caffeine is clearly a gateway drug. Thus, is caffeine a food or a drug; sometimes it is very hard to tell the difference.

Daily Marijuana Will Not Shrink Your Brain

Will the popular press, the public and our policy makers ignore this far less sensational finding that does not vilify the use of marijuana?

Childhood Obesity and the Brain

Overall, obesity is implicated in lower performance on cognitive control tasks. As students became more obese they tended to score higher on teacher-reported externalizing behavior problems, and lower on teacher ratings of self-control. The good news is that the consequences of inflammation due to body fat are likely to develop slowly and can be avoided.

Can Hugs Slow Aging?

The simple lesson here is that rather than attaching yourself to an unwilling teenager for blood rejuvenation it might be easier, and far more enjoyable, to just give and accept hugs freely and often.

Which Is Better for Your Brain, Chocolate or Exercise?

Chocolate is an excellent example of how difficult it is to differentiate food from drug. A recent study reported improved memory and enhanced blood flow in the brain of elderly humans who consumed extracts from cocoa powder. The problem is that no one should eat the incredible amounts of chocolate that are required to achieve any cognitive benefits.

Amotivational Syndrome and Marijuana Use

Overall, the symptoms of the amotivational syndrome are very similar to the symptoms of depression. Long term use of marijuana may, depending upon many factors such as genetics and age, ultimately produce a condition in the brain that is very similar to that produced by long term use of Acomplia, leading to the condition known as amotivational syndrome.

Marijuana for Alzheimer’s Disease

Proof that smoking marijuana can slow the advance of Alzheimer’s disease has not previously existed. The evidence has been quite circumstantial and often seemed rather secondary to the known actions of cannabis in the brain. Things have changed recently.

Low Testosterone, Obesity and Alzheimer’s Disease Are Linked

So what’s an older obese man to do? Do not take testosterone supplements! A much better solution is to lose the excess weight by consuming far fewer calories.

Coffee Is Good For the Aging Brain

Two cups of coffee in the morning may help us to better focus our attention during the performance of tasks that become more risky as we age.

Does Coffee Enhance Marijuana?

Low doses of caffeine decreased marijuana self-administration while high doses of caffeine increased marijuana self-administration. The cross-talk between brain systems ultimately makes avoiding that third or fourth cup of coffee even harder to accomplish.

Is CBD Better Than THC?

Why are people so excited about Cannabidiol (CBD)? Why are growers breeding marijuana plants with significantly higher levels of CBD? The answer lies in unpacking a series of complex truths, making distinctions between what is known and what is not known, and dispelling some false claims.

Liposuction Can Make You Smarter

Today, an overwhelming body of scientific evidence across a wide spectrum of medical disciplines strongly argues that obesity accelerates the aging process, impairs overall cognitive function and, ultimately, is responsible for numerous processes that kill us.

Can Your Diet Make You Feel Depressed?

If you’re feeling down, it might be your diet. However, do not expect your diet to make you feel happy; most often, a good diet will only prevent you from feeling depressed.

When Good Food Turns Bad

One day we’re eating our favorite food without consequence; the next day, the same food produces nausea, dizziness and mental confusion. Why? Sometimes the constituents of our diet can induce toxic reactions when they are not being properly metabolized.

Marijuana For Migraines

Future generations of pain relievers will likely be developed based upon the action of marijuana in the body.

Better Fathers Have Smaller Testicles

Smaller testicles and lower levels of testosterone were reliable predictors of whether a father will participate in care-giving to their children

According to “The Biggest Loser” Diet Beats Exercise

Eating fewer calories each day is the only valid, scientifically proven dietary intervention that can slow the aging process, reduce the risk of cancer and improve health. Exercise will never succeed as well because of how our bodies evolved.

Smoking While Pregnant

Chemically induced abnormalities in the brain initiated during development may explain why some children are unable to control their reward-seeking behavior.