The Vaccine Controversy: Through an Evolutionary Lens

In recent weeks, non-vaccinating parents have been blamed for being ignorant, stupid, or worse. But calling someone stupid does not seem like an effective way of getting parents to agree to do something that they believe might harm their child. Another way to look at parents’ fears about the risks of vaccinating is to look at decision making through an evolutionary lens.

In Defense of Balls, Cartwheels, and Tag

Baseballs, cartwheels, and games of tag can be contexts where children learn important lessons that don’t come in a textbook—what hurts, when they might fall, how to pick themselves up, how to pay sustained attention, how to negotiate, and why cooperation is a good thing.

The Secret to Summer With Kids

A heavy dose of summer downtime is good for child development.

The New Year’s Resolution All Parents Should Make

It’s that time of year again when many of us make New Year’s resolutions. This January, I’m seizing the opportunity to be a better parent. This year, I’m going to play more.

Virtual Zombies, Ogres, and Ore, Oh My!

This Christmas morning, many youngsters will wake to find video games, gaming systems, handheld gaming consoles, smartphones, and laptops wrapped underneath their trees. What are the effects of videogaming on children’s development? Should we worry?
The Developmental Psychologists’ Back-to-School Shopping List

The Developmental Psychologists’ Back-to-School Shopping List

I’ve narrowed down this list to five. Unlike the lists you receive from the school principal, my list is made up of things you already have and that are grounded in scientific research for improving children’s learning.