Put Away Your iPhone!

iphones are replacing invaluable parent child interactions.

Your Child's Path

What can and cannot change about your child.

No More High Standards for our Schools

Why phrases like "Race to the Top" are bad for children and schools.

Naked Emperor, P.S.

A follow up to Naked Emperor, in response to a reader.

What Test Scores Don't Tell Us: The Naked Emperor

There is very little evidence that Standardized Tests measure what we think they do.

How a Poached Egg Can Help a Worried Child

How do parents and teachers help young children overcome life's obstacles?

Good Homework, Bad Homework

Why the wrong kinds of homework are bad for kids.

Children Should Eavesdrop

Not only do children learn about complex and invisible phenomena through what other people say, they also use overheard conversations to learn how their community views the world, and different ways to think about objects, people and events.

Good Thinking

Last week a young mom called me, wondering whether she should move her 8-year-old son into another school district. “He’s happy enough so far, but I’m not sure he’s learning anything”.

Should Children Daydream?

Last week a young mom called me, distraught about her 8-year-old son Owen. “He’s just in la la land,” she said. “I'll tell him it’s time for school and that he needs to get his shoes on and get ready for the bus.

My Son, Then and Now

Last week my eldest son Jake, now 28, moved back, temporarily, into our house- his childhood home here in the Berkshires. He returns after being away for 10 years- four of them as a college student at Wesleyan University, and six living and working in NYC.