The Tiger Daddy

If Amy Chua were Coach Chua, who would complain?

We're number 23!

International comparisons of science and math just in...we're still tanking!

The lazy American kid

The latest narrative about American economic woes is "the lazy American." Our kids don't do as well as wish...because they're lazy? Maybe economists don't spend enough time with real kids and their parents. 

How I learned to hate cyberspace

I thought I had a good idea. Until it hit the Internet.

Free-range kids part 2: Put that mommy in jail!

Anxious about tough parenting decisions? You can sleep like a baby if you just learn to punish other parents for their decisions when they are different than yours.

Free-range and proud?

Why should experts tell parents when to let kids off the leash? Since it's a matter of family values, who are we to butt in?

Innocence corrupted...again

Adolescents...of every generation....believe they have been corrupted by their elders. Can we learn to celebrate our shared fantasies of betrayal?

We are always amused

Do kids always need to be amused?

Rest in peace, Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology taught us kids are not little adults. So why do we treat them that way?

Developmental psychology is dead (again)

Developmental psychology once taught us that children really are different from adults. Do we need to learn this lesson over and over again?

Sweet Caroline indeed

Why, you might ask, does a parenting blogger care about Caroline Kennedy's recent foray into senatorial politics? The word is nepotism, my dears.

The Deadwood Effect

When he went off the medications, his orgasm never returned to normal. Yep. I said, never.

A Modest Proposal for 2009

It's 2009, and it's time to start the New year laughing! Or at least stop trying to shut down other people's laughing.

A loaf of bread, an Amethyst, and thou

So, kids, wanna have a nice cold one? Sorry. We're here to protect you from that.  

Kid-sickness: the final word

Summer camp season is almost over, so I guess we need to get to the punch line about what drives the sad phenomenon of "kid-sickness," that awful visceral feeling that life isn't worth living while your kid is away at camp. So, being a therapist and all, I guess I'll ask you a question: why do you hate your kid so much?    

Kid-sickness: the state of nature?

They seem weirdly pathological, those parents who desperately sit by the mailbox waiting for a letter from their child at camp, or those who frantically search the camp's website looking for a candid picture of their child. But maybe they're not: maybe they're just the wave of the future.   

Kid-sick? Really?

It's that time of year again: parents have done their shopping, labeling and packing, and driven six hours one-way to drop their kids off at sleep-away camp. And then, with the kids safely dropped off at Camp No-Ko-Me-Ko-No, the parents drive home, kick off their shoes, pour themselves a drink and start enjoying every parent's dream: the kid-free summer! Does this sound familiar? Uh...sorry. Wrong decade. That was the fifties.   

Karl Marx on the Playground

No, I am not a Marxist, although, like many of my generation, I fancied myself one when I was in college. But I am still occasionally an economic determinist, which means, to me, that sometimes the solution to apparently complex social problems can be found by following a relatively simple rule: follow the money.   

Care for a mixed massage?

Why do we as a society present our children with such conflicting options, values, and expectations for behavior? Are we trying to drive them crazy?

On the (Red) Carpet

Ever been to a prom walk-in? The event in which seniors get their names announced and then walk in to their proms on a red carpet...behind ropes? While their sad, desperate middle-aged parents play the part of sad, desperate middle-aged paparazzi at the Academy Awards? And did it creep you out?

Little Greedheads

Are kids just naturally greedy? 

This Nip Is Not a Bite :)

So kids use informal that bad? 

A Rising Tide Sinks All Boats

It's 25 years since "A Nation at Risk." What have our children learned?

The Desperate Season

Time to pick a what?