Never Back...Only Forward

The decision of whether to move forward gracefully or stay stuck in trying to re-create what was is mine to make.

Do You Think I’m Fat?

I’ve often thought back to those years I devoted to worrying and stressing about how my body looked, wondering: What could I have done with all that time and energy?

Are You First or Last On Your Own To-Do List?

Many women find it easy to put their health last on the priority list...but let’s stop and consider the effect that this “last on the list” placement we give ourselves has on our children -- and even how others see our potential

Dancing Naked and Other Ways to Love Your Body

Teaching our daughters to love their bodies starts with the kind of bold self-acceptance that embraces being perfectly imperfect.

New Year, New You

Too many of us reach for impossible ideals fueled by impossible plans of action that lead to very real feelings of failure.

Back to School Body Blues

Adolescence is a tricky time for most kids and few things produce as much anxiety as appearance.

I Want to Like My Body...But How?

As I sat in the chair at the salon last week, chatting with my stylist as she cut my hair, we got to talking about our bodies and how they’re changing as we age.

Why I Love Un-retouched Photos

Have you seen the newly-released photos of Britney Spears, taken during a photo shoot for a Candies advertisement? Word has it that Spears herself wanted the un-retouched photos released, along with the digitally “perfected” versions, so that “people can see the difference,” according to an article in The Daily Mail.

Why Girls' Body Image Matters to Mothers of Boys

Healthy self-esteem and self-respect are the foundation for healthy relationships. Today's girls are likely the future partners of our sons.