How to Eat Well and Influence People

Food celebrity Mark Bittman lost weight and wrote a book about dieting for health. But his message speaks directly to people struggling with eating disorders: Make rules but don't be rigid; enjoy your food.

An Adult Version of Mommy and Me

A new route to healing from eating disorders: Escape your safety zone by taking a trip with Mom

On the Road Again

Foodie mom and recovering anorexic daughter travel together, and live to talk about it. One way to measure progress against eating disorders? Sometimes, it's in miles.

A Tipping Point in Attitudes About Women's Weight?

Lady Gaga is not the only one who is striking back at comments about her weight.

When Food Quirks Aren't Funny

A child's odd "I don't eat" rules may be funny at three, but get in the way at thirteen. When could they point to an eating disorder?

Buy This Now

Costco thrives on the Yummers philosophy: "It is always important to sample new products." And now, the products will make you healthier. That is, skinny.

Finding Balance in Eating and Exercise

Eating disorders often get triggered by a change in diet or exercise that’s healthy at first but goes too far. That’s what happened with my daughter, Lisa.

Are Health Spas a Healthy Choice?

Four women friends, two from the East Coast and two from the West Coast, meet for a long weekend every winter. Usually we go to a health spa, for two reasons.

Play On - It's a Beautiful Game

The whole world is watching healthy women play hard. Not celebrities. Not stick figures in designer dresses.

Is Maria Shriver Anorexic?

Is Maria Shriver anorexic? Way before the shocking revelation of her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger's teenage love child with their live-in housekeeper, Maria Shriver was one of those celebrities whose heavy eyes and chiseled appearance kept raising the anorexia question.