package of K-Y Jelly sex lube

I've taken flack for my failure to embrace the sex-lube craze. But the sex lubes that women are encouraged to use are poorly regulated and can contain dangerous ingredients. One well-known vaginal moisturizer contained an ingredient that was banned for use in veterinary products. It was toxic for cow's vaginas, but okay for human women's vaginas.

Try reading what's in sex lubes that are called "hypo-allergenic," "fragrance free" and "water-based." You're likely to find ingredients that are listed in the Hazardous Chemicals Desk Reference.

There is a huge profit margin in selling sex lubes, and the manufacturers of sex lubes have pleaded with the FDA to keep sex lubes classified as cosmetics. That way, they don't have to do studies to determine the safety of sex lubes.

Most sex lubes are probably safe and people shouldn't hesitate to use them if they honestly need them, especially if women are taking medications that are drying them out or they don't make enough lube naturally. Condoms can also make it necessary to add sex lube. But do we really need ads that imply lovemaking bliss is only a squirt of KY away? For most people, communication, fun, and romance--as opposed to expensive sex lube--is what will improve their sex lives. Why encourage women to put chemicals like paraben and glycol in their bodies if they don't need them?

Then there are the ad campaigns for the new "sensitizing" lubes that want us to believe these pricey products are orgasms in a tube. 

And now we have The Great Sex Lube Recall of 2013. What's really scary is when the FDA recalls a product like sex lube that has so few regulations placed upon it to begin with.

Click Here for a more extensive look at the K-Y recall from the always excellent Pharmalot.

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