The riddle of how to get more young heterosexuals to use condoms for preventing STIs remains unsolved. You would think with the hammering about STIs and HIV that we have given our young, today's sexually active kids would fear dropping trou without condoms in hand. But when today's young do use condoms, few of them list concern about STIs as a reason.

Granted, it's not the most logical thing in the world to be looking at someone who is turning you on and think "This person could give me a really nasty sexual disease." We don't think of a potential lover's genitals as being free agents for sexual infections, especially when those genitals are tucked behind designer denims or walking on top of couture clogs.

Worse yet, today's sex education still bears the scars of  abstinence-only. So it's not like we've provided our young with advice they can trust or embrace when they are naked and alone together. Instead of offering a genuine interest in their sexual enjoyment, we begrudgingly acknowledge their sexuality by insisting they put gross-looking and strange-feeling latex galoshes on their penises.

Given that our current attempts have pretty much failed with the large majority of today's straight young, I found these condom ads by international photographer Dimitri Daniloff to be thought provoking. The message in French says something about the dangers of sex without condoms.

Yes, these ads echo the same old scare tactic, but perhaps they are also an attempt to plant the message in a different part of the brain.

What do you think?

naked male in missionary intercourse position with a human-sized scorpion

human sized tarantula approaching crotch of a sexually aroused woman

(Thanks to Homotography for presenting the work of Mr. Daniloff. Do not open this site at work unless you own the business.)

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