The Effects of Performance Enhancing Drugs on Men, Part 1

It doesn't matter if he's a high school athlete or an MME Champion who just won a $2.5 million purse, PEDs can permanently impact fertility and sex drive.

You Write the Caption!

Please take a moment and write your own caption for this image that I've constructed.

The Orgasm Talk

Getting beyond the overly simplistic questions like "Was it okay for you?"

Delayed Ejaculation Revisited

This is a condition that's often accompanied by anger and blame. Most couples approach it in the wrong way.

Why Intersex and Transgender Are Very Different

People hear way more about Transgender than they do Intersex, while Intersex is important to know about.

Talc and Ovarian Cancer

Women's genitals are their own ecosystem. They form a transitional zone between the outside and inside of the body. Dusting them with talc is an attempt to smother them.

Sex, Aspergers & Autism

This is an exhaustive list of resources on sex and autism-spectrum disorders. It is for parents, educators, individuals with autism, and their partners.

Orgasm after Orgasm after Orgasm?

Many experts would rather sell books than worry about the articles they are being quoted in. I'm sure I'd sell more books if this weren't a concern for me.

An Unusual Response to a Sex Survey

From a man who likes having sex with women but is fascinated with penises, posts photos of his penis online daily, and is aroused by transgender porn and male genital torture.

When Sex Always Hurts

Many of us assume sex only hurts for women their first time and after menopause. Yet more than 20% of women in their teens, twenties experience pain every time they have sex.

Varicoceles—A Common Cause of Infertility in Men

This common condition usually impacts the left testicle and can only be felt when a man is standing.

What Determines a Woman's Favorite Sex Positions?

This isn't something people can learn from porn, where every woman likes every position and all women like being flipped around like pancakes on a griddle.

Sex Survey of the Week

When I first started having sex, I wish I knew how clumsy and awkward it would be

3 Kinds of Casual Sex—Explained

There are three very different kinds of casual sex. One is sex with No Strings Attached, another is Friends with Benefits, and the third is Sex with an Ex.

The Things We Take for Granted

Not long ago, effective birth control was a luxury and not a right. We forget that at our own peril.

The New Penis Transplants and Their Unexpected Side Effects

The psychological adjustment of accepting a new hand or penis is very different from accepting a liver, kidney or heart.

New Birth Control for Men

Sperm production and male hormones are not impacted. Fertility would return within a week after taking the drug.

Women Don't Like How Condoms Feel Any More Than Men Do

Necessary but....Women speak out about condom use.

The Gun Control Window Is Closed Until the Next Mass Killing

Liberals keep focusing on the wrong issues, with the full blessing of the NRA.

What Men Need to Play With—It's Not Guns

With each new mass shooting, we've allowed the NRA to further its agenda. We've allowed it to use senseless tragedy after tragedy to help our gun culture flourish.

Are People More Interested in Sex Today Than Before?

Are you more interested in sex than your parents or grandparents were?

Banned by YouTube!

Most young men and many women get their sex-ed from porn. So we need to let young women know that anal sex is not something they have to do if they don’t want to, but not according to YouTube.

Redefining Sex Education

The average nine- to eleven-year-old boy is watching the most explicit hardcore porn in the history of mankind, and we can’t talk about sexual pleasure in high school.

Sex Survey Answers From a Straight Male

"One of my worst experiences was when I was in my late teens and a girlfriend went down on me. She gagged and her natural reaction was to bite down. It was horrific. Do to all of the commotion and my yelling, it wasn’t long before her Dad knocked on the door to investigate. Needless to say, the most uncomfortable dinner ever."

Are All Erections the Same? Men Discuss the Differences

Do morning, or waking erections feel different for men than the erections they get when they are sexually aroused? See what men have to say.

Women's Masturbation: "It's Nasty!"

No one is encouraging young women to explore their bodies on their own, or to become more comfortable with their sexual selves. No one is giving them permission to learn about their own sexual responsiveness without a partner present. And so they think that masturbation is nasty.

Tricked By Abstinence-Only Sex Education?

Is this reader protesting too much about having taken the abstinence-only bait?

Oral Cancer and Oral Sex

Now there are physicians and celebrities who are making statements about oral sex and oral cancer which are not based in science. Here are the facts versus the hype.

One Million Moms: Intolerance of Biblical Proportions

I joined One Million Moms to see how this fundamentalist Christian group markets intolerance. Here's what I learned...

Results of an Unusual Sex Survey

An intimate look at the sex life of a 32-year old woman.