A Sound Argument

A stressful environment can break your heart

The Big, Fat Lie

It's not the size, it's the selection.

On the Interconnectedness of All Things

Diet, Inflammation, and depression

Food, Coronary Stents, and Belief

Can we heal ourselves?

Pure-ly Delicious

The evidence against many current dietary recommendations is becoming impossible to ignore. It's time once again to enjoy an omelet and crack a few eggs.
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Tales of the One Pot Doc

How to survive as a healthy road warrior, chef style!
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Turmeric and Curcumin: A Primer

Health benefits of turmeric and curcumin: fad or fact?

Gut Check

While you sit on your tuffet; how does your inner garden grow?

Food and Sex

Food, sex and the pleasure principle

Procuring The Unconventional

Why you need to source your food like a chef; not just for flavor but for health

Wine, Women, and Sweet Siren Songs

Are you chained to sweetened soft drinks?

To Nog or Not to Nog

What is the dish on dairy?

A Wine-y Time of Year (Conclusion)

The conclusion of wine and health primer 101!

A Wine-y Time of Year

Wine and health. Part 2!

A Wine-y Time of Year

Wine is a delicious and pleasing quaff on a fall day, the season of the grape harvest or crush. But what are the health benefits or detriments?

Fusion Cuisine

The FATT Initiative: Food as Tasteful Therapy. Why it is good eats and good medicine for us all.

Getting Back to the Source

Be a Chef, not a consumer! Learn to source your food.

A Mediterranean Approach: Give Me the Fats, Just the Fats

Data alert: real food yields real health

See Food

Can we supplement our way to good health?

Like Buttah

Butter is back—but it never left.

The Carbohydrate Conundrum

Less carbs? More whole grains? What does it all mean? A new study helps clarify.

Philadelphia’s Snack a Tax

Is a taxation to limit mastication ever justifiable or effective?

The Myth of Nutrition

Why nutrition will never change the way we eat

Wine-ing Your Way to Health; Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean Approach and Wine: Yay or Nay?

A Salty Red Herring

Too Little, too much; does it even matter? The truth about dietary sodium and the importance of quality food.

For Good Health; Say “Cheese,” Please!

Delicious, loaded with fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Spoiled with mold and bacteria and the best of them smell like old gym socks. Cheese regains its ancient culinary crown.

More Evidence for the Mediterranean Diet

Can a cuisine be good for you AND taste good?

The Quick and the Dead

Does convenience determine your food and health choices?

When Tradition Trumps Science

Saturated fat that naturally occurred in the diet was never bad for us. How did we fall off the edge of the map?

Determining the Value of Food

Do We Have It Wrong?