Who Should Throw the First Persuasive Punch?

Sometimes the first few minutes at the negotiating table are like the first few minutes in the boxing ring: Both opponents often dance around, reluctant to put themselves out there first. Just as some boxers are reluctant to throw the first punch, negotiators are often reluctant to put the first offer on the table. They may be worried that they will telegraph their strategy, or perhaps that they will reveal some sort of vulnerability. Are they right? Is it better to make the first persuasive move or let your opponent do so?

Palin and Her Parasite

How much sway might Tina Fey's Palin impression have with voters? The persuasion research suggests Sarah Palin should be very worried.

What Happens to the Value of Favors Over Time?

What happens to favors over time? Are they like bread in that they become stale? Or are they more like wine, getting better and increasing in value with age? And how does this all relate to the GOP's new strategy for McCain?

Changing Minds and Changing Towels

If you had to persuade hotel guests to reuse their towels, how would you do it? Here's how we did it.

Trouble With Customer Service Agents?

Are you having difficulty getting what you want with customer service agents? Try this.