Why All Parents Need The Teachings from the Jedi Master

We will all face challenges in 2016. We can choose the good side of the force—always. Let's teach this to our children and remember it for ourselves.

8 Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Anxiety During the Holidays

The holiday season is busy and chaotic and can throw all of us off-balance — especially children. During this time it is important to revisit worry strategies.

How to Help Our Children Deal With the Terror of Terrorism

For all children, regardless of age, parents must offer support and reassurance in the wake of the terror of terrorism.

The Twice-Exceptional Adult

Although the word “gifted” has been used to describe children of higher levels of intelligence for decades, the term twice-exceptional, often abbreviated as "2e", has only recently entered the lexicon of educators, mental health professionals and others referring to intellectually gifted children. AND NOW this term is being applied to adults, too.

When Overparenting Goes Too Far

How do we help our kids learn to deal with life if we don't expose them to real life by doing everything for them—getting them on the best teams, doing their homework and shielding them from the inevitable disappointment and randomness of life? Are we really preparing them to be "successful" if they don't know how to tolerate emotional pain, problem solve, and adapt?

Is Outside the Box Learning Really Possible?

Some creative educators are helping students learn based on strengths and more importantly, weaknesses.

Let’s Release Our Youth From the College Anxiety Epidemic

I have clients in 2nd grade telling me they going to Stanford or UC Berkeley. I listen to high school students who have GPAs of 4.2 or 4.6 tell me how stressed, anxious, and depressed they are and weary of their future. I talk to parents daily about their worries that their child is not going to get into a "good” school. There is a place—or several—for every student.

A Strength-Based Approach Helps Children

The positive psychology movement has started to ask "what is healthy," "what is working," and "what are a child’s strengths" as central—and often more important—than what is wrong or what disorder or illness does a child have... and this can change lives.

Make Social Learning Stick: How Parents Can Help Children

For special needs children, many daily activities and experiences like getting ready for school, going to the doctor, having a play date and celebrating birthdays are very challenging. The good news: these events can become opportunities for teaching and reinforcing expected social and emotional behavior.

Why Does My Child Worry So Much?

Comprehensive evaluations can help find the reasons a child is experiencing anxiety. This case study provides an inside look at the process.

'Tis the Season of Eating: Don’t Feed Your Anxiety

This holiday season, take care of yourself with a balanced diet of whole foods that pack a vitamin and mineral punch to keep your body and mind healthy.

This Halloween, Banish The Boo For Anxious Children

This Halloween, banish the boo and conquer the (worry) monster! If your child is anxious about this spooky holiday, follow my simple rules to make Halloween full of treats and not tricks.

Ebola 101: Managing Our Children’s Fears

The current situation with Ebola is very scary to think about, but there is nothing we can do about it. Our job as parents is to help our children deal with worrisome information by understanding how they think and process information at this formative time in their lives, and by giving them information they need to manage their thoughts and worries.

Media and Technology are The Worry Monster’s Biggest Ally

In my practice, I often discuss technology and media and I teach the need to monitor it for ourselves and for our children. If you or your child is prone towards anxiety and worry (The Worry Monster), the news and media will only serve to grease the tracks for worry and anxiety and fear about all the bad things that “may” happen and “could” happen in the future. Beware!

Taming Normal Teen Anxiety

During the teen years, successful parenting means letting your teenagers know that you have empathy for their experience, that you’ve been there yourself, and that the anxieties and issues that arise are a normal part of growing and being human.

Graduation, Commencement, and Moving On: Family Transitions

There are few things that are certain in our world, and one of them is change. Change is inevitable and so too is our kids (and us) growing up (and old). Even if we are aware of this reality, no matter how hard you try to hold on to the moment, it seems to surprise us when it happens.

What I Learned From My Dad About Being a Father

As I continue on this journey called fatherhood, I'm doing my best to fall back on what my own Dad taught me – to be kind, consistent, and predictable.

May Is Mental Health Month: An Interview with Stephen Shore

May is Mental Health Month and today I welcome guest Stephen Shore. Stephen has been traveling internationally lecturing about autism and education most recently to Russia and Morocco. He is on the spectrum and also does very impactful work with autism and music.

A First-Person Perspective on Anxiety and Autism

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, I interviewed Dr. Catharine Alvarez so that she could share her perspective on autism and anxiety as an adult on the autism spectrum. We hear primarily about children and teens with autism, and it's so important to hear the voices of adults who experience autism themselves.

Autism and Anxiety: Common Companions

Did you know that an autism diagnosis often always includes the need for anxiety management? In honor of Autism Awareness Month (April), I'm discussing strategies for parents with children on the autism spectrum and how they can conquer worry and anxiety.

"I Came for My Child but This Is Really About Me"

When I talk to audiences, I see different responses from parents. Some folks are listening and engaged and others are nodding. Others look at me with wide eyes and an intense stare —these are the parents who realize for the first they have had a lifetime of worry and fear like their child and are now just learning this fact. It's a powerful moment.

Building a Success Ladder

One of the biggest issues parents face is teaching their children to deal with normal everyday fears and worries—issues that we all face. Providing a toolbox of coping strategies is one way to turn your worrier into a warrior—my favorite is Building A Success Ladder.

Gratitude: What I Learned from Anne Frank and My Grandma

My wife and I took our three children to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles to see the Anne Frank exhibit. Why? Because my oldest daughter is studying Anne Frank in school, we are Jewish, and...it was time.

Who Has Time to Meditate? You Do!

As a psychologist, I have been drawn towards Eastern philosophies of thinking and meditative techniques associated with present moment living. I am often asked what is the single most effective way to manage worry and anxiety. My experience is to stay in the present.

Become Friends with the Monster in 2014

The lyrics to Eminem's popular song MONSTER tell his story — about what the worry monster whispers to him and how he deals with his own OCD by becoming "friends with the monster....under [his] bed." In 2014, let's applaud Eminem for showing all ages that they are not alone in feeling worried and scared.

Simple Steps For Families To Conquer The Worry Monster

Does your child worry too much? Do you worry too much? Assemble your "Coping Toolbox" and conquer the Worry Monster!