Background Checks: Better Safe Than Sorry

Background checks are not always popular, but they can provide employers with critical insight as they make hiring decisions.

Keep Your Office Humming by Keeping Employees Engaged

It's hard to find time for things at work that don't demand instant attention. Nurturing your workforce is one of the most difficult, but it can pay dividends if you do it right, and kill your organization is you don't.

Absences at Work: More May Be at Stake Than You Think

Dealing with employees who are frequently “missing in action” can be a major challenge. Looking at it carefully can pay off for both you, your organization and your workers.

Racism and Allegations: Never Easy at Work

Racism and bigotry are alive and well, and their impact at work has hardly lessoned. Handling employee/employee issues requires all the skill you have.

Your Job Is Like a Stradivarius—Play It Well!

The economy is good and many may slide into taking their job for granted. That rarely is a good idea.

Don’t Take Anything for Granted!

Both employers and employees can easily fall into a habit of taking each other for granted. It's almost always a mistake. Good jobs and good workers are never easy to replace. Both parties need a plan to avoid this pitfall, starting with an effort to realistically value what they have.

Critical Mass Is Not Just for Physics Anymore

As an employer, you have the power to create a critical mass event in your organization and tailor it to fit your specific needs. The trick is to get as many people affected by the issue involved as possible.

Avoid Disasters in Sticky Terminations

Terminating an employee is an emotional experience for everyone. Owners and managers can keep it from becoming a disaster by following a few proven strategies.

Anxiety and Stress Matter at Work, Too

A little workplace stress can be a good thing. But like anything else, too much of a good thing can be a disaster.

Leadership Means Accountability Too

Call it psychology or human weakness, it's always easy to measure yourself or those close to you by different rules than everyone else. In management, it's a mistake that will cause problems.

Family and Business: Not Always the Best Mix

Nepotism is a word that gets bandied about a lot. But simply hiring a relative isn't necessarily wrong. Many small businesses or organizations thrive with this model. The key is how you operate. The word to watch isn't necessarily "nepotism," it's "favoritism."

Culture, Psychology and More Complicated Harassment Issues

No does mean no, but cultures, psychology, situation and assumptions can complicate issues such as sexual harassment.

Inexpensive Organizational Fix: Two-Way Communications

Amid all of the quick-fix promises you hear from management gurus, here's one that may only cost a little time and thought: Talk to your employees.

Employers Making Accommodations

Some requirements to accommodate the special needs of employees may sound extreme. Look at them in terms of fairness that everyone should expect and you'll help your organization in several ways.

Transgender Employees: What Are Their Rights?

Transgender employees are a topic many employers avoid. But the issue can involve fundamental workplace questions that ultimately impact everyone.

Fairness In The Employment Setting Can Be Everything

Treating all employees fairly may be increasingly challenging. For some, the idea of transgender workforce equality may be a good example. It's also a good opportunity to test how fair you really are.

Tough but True: Reward Good Employees by Removing Bad Ones

Business managers and owners who want a high-performance workplace have many options. One is tough but proven: Remove bad employees.

Grief in Termination is Real

Terminating an employee is difficult for both employers and employees. Know what to expect can help both. Ignoring reality won't help anyone.

Double Standards Never Work at Work

Human nature makes it easy to preach one thing and do another. The reasons are so obvious and logical—to you. To everyone else, including your employees, it looks like something else and sends a message you may not like.

What Happens In Vegas May Not Stay In Vegas

"Outside" incidents aren't necessarily outside the concern of employers. Everything from corporate identity to the morale of other workers can be affected by troubling behavior that occurs beyond the workplace.

Whistleblowers: They Have More Protection Than You Think

Even a seemingly innocuous complaint at work may have serious implications for your organization. If the employee has whistleblower status, then a range of requirements come into play.

Due Process: If It’s Not Written, It Didn’t Happen

When you are dealing with staff in a business or organization, keep in mind that if it's not written down, then it didn't happen. As far as the law and regulation is concerned, you must document your actions.

Workplace Accusations: You Must Investigate!

Not every workplace accusation is going to be accurate. But how you handle them will say more about you and your company to employees than almost anything you do.

Government Fines Present Real Threat for Business

A workplace violation can be the biggest threat your business faces.

Fines, Lawsuits and Personnel Crises, Oh My!

Personnel management comes in two flavors. There's the relatively easy stuff like insurance and vacations that you need to do. Then there is "Mess Management" that can make or break your company. Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about.

Managing the Mess: Go Directly to C

Save yourself and your organization time and money. When confronted by a messy personnel situation, do it right the first time.

Scary Stories Can Provide Good Lessons

Knowing how to stay on the right side of workplace regulations is critical today.

Ethics and Trust: Some Lines Can’t Be Crossed

There are some thresholds that just shouldn’t be crossed. They are like tripwires that you can't see but, when you cross, it will take you down. One such threshold is that of ethics.

Are You Building a Community or an Organization?

Businesses, organizations and communities are not always the same thing. If your priority is a task-oriented business or organization, becoming a community may not be completely realistic.

Poorly Handled Terminations Can Be Fatal

Terminating an employee is serious business. Done poorly, it can result in the worker returning with a lawyer...or a gun. Even the loss of morale by remaining workers can be involved if this important step is mishandled.