Do the following statements describe your boss? Are they true or false?

Is so pushy and overbearing that it drives us nuts

Lacks confidence in his or her ability to lead others

Doesn't have our backs, won't go to bat for us, and doesn't protect us from the idiocy that rains down from on high

Leaves me feeling drained and de-energized after even a short conversation.

Is a chronic credit hog.

These are 5 of the 20 items on the new BRASS Quiz, which stands for the Boss Reality Assessment Survey System.  It is based on the major themes in my new book, Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to be the best.... and learn from the worst.  It helps you assess how good or bad your boss is -- whether you are a lucky soul who should stick with that great boss, work for the worst of the worst, or your boss is somewhere in-between. 

Please give the BRASS a try, tell me about your boss, and what you think of the quiz.

P.S. I was inspired to create the BRASS by the ARSE, a 24-item self-test that I put together a few years boss to assesss if you are a certified workplace asshole.  The ARSE has been completed by about 250,000 people.

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See my book, Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to be the best... and learn from the worst.