A More Perfect Union

With the incredible power of social media comes great responsibility, particularly for those who see the human condition at its most vulnerable. And we need to start teaching our young medical trainees, from an earlier age, about common sense when it comes to its use.

The Great Wall

When doctors seem distant, sometimes they're just protecting themselves.

The Mommy Wars, Medical Edition

Are women really less worthy of the privilege of a medical education, just because some of us decide to have children?

When Parents Don't Vaccinate, I Take It Personally

The fact is, when people tell me that they decided not to vaccinate their children, I am taking it personally. Here is why.

The Radical Notion That Doctors Are People, Too

We want our doctors to be perfect. We want them to know all the answers, to never say the wrong thing, and above all, to always, always, be there for us. We want our doctors to be superhuman. But the fact of it is: they're not.