Is Trump’s Narcissism Really a Bad Thing?

We select leaders who tell us what we want to hear - that they have the answers and can fix things. Are we telling candidates we want them to be narcissists?

Stop Criminalizing Teens for Sexting

Teens will sext. They are technology natives, and have known texting and digital cameras their entire lives. Expecting them not to sext is like expecting them to masturbate without using their hands.

The Medicare Behavioral Health Failure

Despite the growing recognition of a mental health crisis in the United States, one of the country's largest funders of healthcare continues to provide grossly inadequate coverage of behavioral health.

Who Is The Real Father of Sex Addiction?

Who is the true father of sex addiction? Could it be a man who treated homosexuality as an addiction?

Your Belief in Porn Addiction Makes Things Worse

New research shows that the belief that one is a porn addict causes psychological suffering over time. This is an important wake-up call to the many people who tout the idea that porn is addictive. Their promotion of this concept is akin to those who have exploited people by selling dangerous quack remedies which ultimately caused harm.

Josh Duggar, Porn Addict?

Embattled Christian reality television star Josh Duggar has blamed porn addiction and a battle with Satan for the latest sex scandal, as he is revealed in the Ashley Madison data dump.

The ICD-10 Transition: You’re Probably Doing it Wrong

On October 1, 2015, healthcare providers in the US go through a major change to billing and diagnosing. This change has huge implications, and frankly, many providers aren't ready. This blog is intended to share some of my lessons learned, in hopes of helping others to minimize impacts on their agencies and patients.

Psychology Can Explain Why Psychologists Failed Their Ethics

It is the theories, research and findings of psychology itself, which can help us to both understand, and heal the wounds created by the ethical failings of the American Psychological Association's role in torture.

Bisexuality, Not Addiction

Men who struggle with bisexual attractions are often called sex addicts. Unfortunately, this label doesn't help, and often perpetuates homophobia and religious bias against homosexuality.

Can We Choose Our Identity?

Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Dolezal, Barrack Obama. The news today is filled with a debate about how much choice and control we truly have, over defining who and what we are.

5 Steps (Finally!) to Get a Song out of Your Head

Next time you find a song playing in your head, try this simple technique to kill that earworm dead.

Homosexuality is Not an Addiction

Clinicians and programs who provide conversion or gay reparative therapies are now using a new treatment justification, claiming that homosexuality is an addictive disorder.

Stop Using Fear to Promote Treatment for Mental Illness

Today, the fear of the moment is the risk of violence from the mentally ill. Tragedies abound in our media, and sadly, many can be linked to mental illness. Particularly untreated mental illness.But, reactionary responses to mental illness merely guarantee more problems in the future.

The Politicization of Mental Health

Shootings, deaths and tragedies involving mental illness fill our news every day. Politicians are talking about mental health more than ever before. But, most political efforts to reform these issues ignore the deep underlying issues of funding, regulatory complexity and access which inhibit real reform.

The NoFap Phenomenon

The NoFap movement gets lots of media attention, as they trumpet the dangers of masturbating to porn. But, their claims are based on weak science, and subjective anecdotes. Worse, they are regurgitating old myths about sexuality, which treat male sexuality in reductionistic fashion.

Resources for Non-Monogamous Relationships

People exploring non-traditional relationships are often left out of relationship self-help resources. Here's a list of some of the guides, resources and materials that I often recommend.

The Psychology of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the fastest growing and most popular martial art of recent years. Beyond its effectiveness in MMA, BJJ inspires powerful dedication and commitment in its students. BJJ taps into many powerful aspects of human psychology, inspiring devotion and promoting personal growth in its students.

Women With Male Friends Have More Sex (But Not With Them)

Recent research finds that men who have more attractive female partners, who have more male friends (the female that is), have more sex. This might reflect sperm competition, and men trying to fight off the chances that the women could cheat. But, this might also reflect some unique aspects of the woman herself.

Why Women Love Romantic Threesomes

Bella loved Edward and Jacob, Ingrid Bergman couldn't decide between Humphrey and Paul Henreid, Guinevere was torn between King Arthur and Lancelot. Why are there so many triangles of love in modern romantic literature and film, and what does it say about love, romance, men and women?

Naked Therapy

Sarah White offers a unique service, called Naked Therapy. She meets online with men, and offers a therapeutic conversation, while she slowly takes her clothes off. But, her work is more than mere pornography, and she has something to teach us about therapy, sexuality and men.

Panic Over College Rape May Be Causing Harm

Prevention of college rape is important. But social panic and fear of sexual assault and mental illness are making problems worse. A young man reached out for help, and is now suffering as a result.

The Death of Therapeutic Confidentiality

In the early years of psychotherapy, confidentiality and privilege were sacred, assuring patients of trust and safety in therapy. But, over the past 50 years, society's "need to know" continues to whittle away at patient's right to confidentiality.

When Patients Pass Gas

Therapists rarely talk frankly, about dealing with being human in therapy. We all have bodies, which produce "impolite" noises, smells and distractions. Therapeutically addressing such issues can be challenging, but productive.

7 Reasons We Can’t Hear the People Closest To Us

Not being heard by those around us is a common, but annoying complaint. Why is it that we don't get heard sometimes? Is it us? Should we take it personally?

The Psychology of American Extremism

When, exactly, did being "Extreme" become a core component of our social and political dialogue? What does psychology say about extreme views and what can we do about them?

The Culture of Victimhood

As society and the field of behavioral health becomes more attuned to the subtle signs of trauma, more people are taking advantage of the benefits attached to proclaiming oneself a victim. But, our focus on victimhood may actually be damaging, rather than healing.

A Reaction Formation Against Porn

In Chicago, a priest who has been vocal about the dangers of porn addiction was arrested, allegedly for sexual exhibitionism. His actions reveal not hypocrisy, but the psychological mechanism of reaction formation, driven by fear of one's own sexual desires.

Dungeons & Dragons, Satan, and Psychology

The media feeds on our anxiety, and uses moral panics to manipulate and control. Ludicrous moral fears over the game Dungeons & Dragons is a frightening example. Psychiatrists and psychologists often allow our positive intent to outweigh the data and healthy skepticism. Can we learn from these historical lessons, or are we doomed to swing from one pseudo-crisis to another?

Blaming Porn for Bad Sex

Men who act like oafs in bed are idiots, and need lessons in being a gentlemen, in and out of bed. But let's stop blaming this age-old problem on pornography, and place the responsibility where it truly lies - on a lack of sex education, poor communication and assumptions by both men and women that great sex "just happens."

Life Coaches and Mental Illness

Life coaching is a developing field where paraprofessionals offer support and guidance to people trying to achieve change in their life. This can be very positive, but there are risks that coaches may encounter serious problems they're not prepared for as they venture into the areas of mental health.