Canadian Judge Lori Douglas and her husband allegedly love to share Lori with black men. Picture - CBC News

So in the continuing saga of the kinky cuckold fetish going mainstream, and coming out from the "down low," we have the story of Canadian judge Lori Douglas and her husband Jack King. A few years ago, Jack was attorney to Alex Chapman, representing Alex in a divorce case. Mr. Chapman happened to be a black man, and apparently, Jack and Lori share a fetish for watching Lori have sex with black men.

According to this news report and this one, Mr. Chapman was pressured by husband Jack to have sex with Lori multiple times. Mr. Chapman went along with the discussion, under some duress, apparently concerned about the risk of losing Jack as his attorney. According to the stories, it seems that Jack didn't tell his wife Lori that he shared photos of her with Chapman, but did encourage her to have an affair with Chapman, and arranged a few meetings between the two. It's unclear if Jack had Lori's permission to post the nude photos of her on a cuckolding website. Once Chapman's divorce case was completed, he hired an attorney and sued Jack, "to make him go away." Jack and his wife, who was then not yet a judge, apparently settled the suit, giving Chapman $25,000, under the agreement that he destroyed all the correspondence, including the nude pictures of Lori.

But, as is the inevitable case with such pictures, they weren't destroyed. Seven years later, Lori is now a member of the Canadian Judiciary, and Mr. Chapman has resurfaced, filing complaints with the Manitoba Law Society and Canadian Judicial Council. Mr. Chapman describes that the event still haunts him, and that he needs closure. He feels that he was treated poorly by the attorney, Jack, who saw him merely as a walking black penis. With this kind of history, Mr. Chapman, and Canadian legal types, feel that Lori's ability to serve as a judge is impaired.

I feel for the plight of Alex Chapman. I'm not sure I agree much with him accepting the settlement, apparently not following through on his agreement to destroy the pictures, and now reopening the issue, but the level of objectification that he seems to have felt at the hands of this couple was something I encountered in writing Insatiable Wives. Many couples in this lifestyle fetishize black men. Sometimes the black men are down with it, and see it as an opportunity for free, no-strings attached sex, but others struggle with being treated as nothing more than a piece of meat. I saw couples who fell on all sides of this issue, and can attest that in this lifestyle, these folks recognize the racial complexities of their fetish for black men, and many of them struggle with the ethics and morals of it.

Does Judge Lori wear this sexy costume when entertaining?

I feel mildly bad for Lori and Jack, having their kink exposed, in a way that seems likely to hurt them professionally. But you know what? If you're kinky, and playing outside your bedroom, and involving other people, it's simple common sense and good ethics to keep it out of your workplace. It's fine for a couple to decide on their own to do this, but don't mix business and pleasure.

I truly don't care about the rumored naked pictures of the judge. I firmly believe that in a few years, with the Girls Gone Wild legacy, society is going to have to revise its opinion on naked and suggestive pictures on the Internet and social media. But for a judge and attorney to have this kind of ethical taint, when they are supposed to uphold and enforce legal and ethical standards? Boy, if these allegations are true, I've got a big problem with this couple's actions. It does appear from some of the stories that husband Jack went over the top on this, without his wife's full knowledge and due to the effects of depression. But Judge Lori's role is somewhat unclear, though it's likely she's going to be the one to take the biggest professional hit on this. Couples who explore this lifestyle need to have very clear agreements and boundaries, particularly if they are in jobs or lives where they could suffer from their lifestyle becoming public.

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