Is Watching Pornography a Form of Cheating? It Depends

Is watching porn the same as cheating? Religiosity, experience with porn, and where you live predicts your answer.

Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder in ICD-11

If Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder is accepted into ICD-11, as appears likely, what does that mean for the great sex addiction debate?

Please Keep Your Emotional Support Iguana Off My Couch

Emotional support animals offer valuable assistance. But sometimes, therapists need to focus on helping people develop alternative strategies of soothing and anxiety-reduction.

Sex Work and Therapy

Therapists often assume that a person involved in sexwork is "damaged." That assumption prevents many therapists from being able to actually help.

They Say They're a Sex Addict. Is It Automatically True?

Just because a person says they feel they are addicted to sex, does it mean it's automatically true?

Sex Addiction Summer Camp or Toxic Masculinity?

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein joins the long line of men who flee to sex addiction treatment in an effort to avoid or suppress sexual scandals.

Why You Need a CyberBuddy

Finding people who can be a support to you, in dealing with the scary and intimidating world of online harassment, is an important and effective self-care strategy.

Coping With Outrage Fatigue

Are you running out of steam, being constantly upset about things that don't seem to change? You're not alone.

Overcoming Religious Sexual Shame

The purity movement has traumatized a generation, teaching them to fear and hate their own bodies. But therapists are now exploring ways to help people overcome this miseducation.

When Jokes are Actually Angry Lies

When can we, should we, allow angry lies to be defended as jokes?

Is Sexual Shame Worth Preserving?

Advice columnist Dan Savage shares his experiences and views of sexual shaming. Some of it will surprise you.

HiTOP: The Future of Mental Health Diagnosis is Here

A revolutionary new approach to mental health diagnosis offers new ways to resolve old diagnostic controversies.

People Watch Porn That Turns Them On

No, the explosion of Internet porn is not changing people's sexual arousals. Instead, it's revealing what their sexual arousal actually is.

Masturbation and Marriage

Why do men and women masturbate within a relationship? Is it about more sex or not enough?

Religious Conflict Makes Porn Bad for Relationships

A new research study finds more evidence that the alleged harms from porn are actually caused by religious conflict, shame, and the "porn addict" identity.

Let’s Face It: Medicaid Is the Healthcare We All Want

Believe it or not, if you have commercial health insurance, you're the unlucky one. Medicaid provides people in poverty healthcare that you only wish you could afford.

Why Men Post Revenge Porn Pictures

The culture has been rocked by more nude photo scandals, and they won't stop until we have thoughtful, nuanced conversations about why they happen.

Why He Cares About Your Orgasm

Many men care about giving women orgasms. The thing is, giving them an orgasm makes the man feel more manly, and serves purposes for the man, as well as the woman.

HOCD: a Clinical Disorder vs. Pseudoscience

Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder sounds scary, but isn't caused by porn, and has nothing to do with straight people who get turned on by homosexual stimuli.

6 Reasons People Lie When They Don’t Need To

Pathological liars actually have a reason to their rhyme, though it may seem irrational to the rest of us.

No, Dopamine is Not Addictive

Dopamine does many things, but it’s not actually a rewarding drug in your brain

Sex Addiction's Diversity Problem

An overwhelming majority of the people receiving, treating or arguing about sex addiction are white. What does this lack of diversity mean?

The Ethics of Libido Manipulation

New technology and research suggests that we may one day soon be able to effectively and non-invasively alter sexual libido. This raises tremendous ethical challenges.

Does Porn Really Destroy Relationships?

A 1989 study found that porn made men love their wives less, but these findings could not be replicated in more recent research.

6 Ways to Develop Sexual Integrity

There ARE ways to help people develop sexual integrity, and to resolve the conflicts between their values and their sexual desires and behaviors.

No, You Cannot Get Attached to Porn

Blaming porn-related personal and relationship problems on addiction disturbance is the worst form of pseudoscience - it's also potentially iatrogenic.

Condoms in Porn: A Solution in Search of a Problem

A proposed law in California intends to require condom use in porn. But do such restrictions have an impact on the safety of performers or viewers?

The Sexual Lie Detector

The polygraph is widely discredited as a valid tool for detecting deception. So why are therapists and clinicians calling it a way to "keep sex addicts honest"?

Repairing the Damage of Abstinence-Based Sex Education

Only through good, real-world, holistic sex education can our country recover from the damage we've done to teens by promoting abstinence.

The President of Sex

In this campaign, we've heard about candidate's genitalia, seen nude pictures of a possible First Lady, and witnessed an election sink below the level of locker room conversations.