Why "Good Looks" Influences Our Judgment

There’s substantial evidence to indicate we make judgments about people based on their physical attractiveness, which affect relationships, job selection and success.

7 Mindfulness Ways to Manage Negative Thoughts and Emotions

How mindfulness practices can aid in emotional regulation.

How Toxic Bosses Can Make You Toxic

Toxic leaders' influence can become viral in the workplace.

The Price We Pay for Fake News

We are inundated with waves of anti-expert, and anti-science information, where opinions in the form of “alternative facts” and fake news are being promoted as the truth.

Is Self-Confidence Inherited? A Renewed Debate

New research suggests that self-confidence may have a significant genetic component.

A Robot May Be Your Next Therapist

AI and automation will not only eliminate jobs but will transform every aspect of work including the jobs of therapists and coaches.

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Managers

Artificial intelligence (AI) will replace many blue-collar and white-collar jobs. It may also have a big impact on all levels of management, right up to the C-suite.

Why “Doing Nothing” Improves Productivity and Well Being

There’s compelling evidence that slowing down and actually "doing nothing" can actually improve productivity and increase happiness.

The Rise of Incivility and What To Do About It

Has incivility become the new norm in America? Fundamental ethical values such as respect, fairness, honesty, personal responsibility and tolerance seem to be fading.

How to Bring Calm to Chaotic and Toxic Workplaces

Many of today’s organizations are chaotic if not outright toxic for employees and leaders alike.Mindfulness practices can restore some balance and calm to these chaotic workplaces

Why We Need More Empathetic and Compassionate Leaders

Recent studies have shown that contrary to some conventional wisdom, empathetic and compassionate leaders promote trust, collaboration and well-being, and get positive results.

America's Obsession With Winners and Losers

America has an obsession with defining success and happiness by winners and losers. This attitude and behavior permeates everything from sports to politics and business.

What Will Happen When Robots Can Do Most Jobs?

Technology and AI holds the promise of a bright or dark future for work.

The Making of a Mindful Leader

The majority of significant challenges that leaders face now are adaptive in nature. Mindfulness practices and training hold significant promise in addressing this challenge.

How "The Self-Made Man" Myth Feeds the American Dream

Our beliefs in the “self-made man,” and "the American Dream" largely myths, don’t serve society well, and may perpetuate economic and social inequality.

The 7 Habits of Highly Mindful Leaders

Highly mindful leaders are more productive, proactive, and impactful.

How Incivility is Spreading Like a Cancer

The lack of civility in America has spread beyond politics.

Why “Macho” Leadership Still Thrives

Global economic uncertainty and the spike in terrorism has created a resurgence of populist attraction to authoritarianism and “macho” leaders.

The Rise of Authoritarianism

The public rallies, PR campaign and public pronouncements of U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump have been marked by a tone of aggressive intolerance and authoritarianism.

20 Strategies to Transform a "Mindless" Organization

When this mindless behavior is translated into the workplace, the organization is characterized by a reliance on often outdated routines and both a dysfunctional awareness of a cha

Why CEOs Need to Embrace Mindfulness

“It's lonely at the top" appears to be truer than ever, & that has serious implications for the performance & well-being of CEOs. Mindfulness practices can be a powerful strategy.

The Rise of Toxic Leadership and Toxic Workplaces

The truth of the matter is that we are hypocrites, and we are witnessing the rise of toxic leaders and workplaces. We tend to choose or follow a very different kind of leader.
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6 Reasons You Probably Won't Achieve Your Resolutions

The start of the New Year is often the perfect time to turn a new page in your life, which is why so many people make New Year's resolutions. But why do so many people fail?

What Will We Do When Robots Take Our Jobs?

We are in the midst of a revolution, occasioned by the disappearance of a massive number of jobs as we know them. We are experiencing the end of work as we know it.

Why Christmas is so Difficult for Many People

For those of us who don't have difficulties at this time of year, it's an opportunity to reach out to those who become blue, depressed or are less fortunate.

Why Financial Incentives Don’t Improve Performance

Performance bonuses for individuals, particularly CEOs, has been the norm across all industries for decades. Yet, increasing evidence indicates this is not a smart practice, that may actually detract from individual and team productivity and motivation.

The Psychology of Terrorism

We need to restrain ourselves from retributive justice and focus on restorative justice, one not fueled by vengeance.

Who are the Real Casualties of War?

Yet, it has been civilians who have suffered most during wars or armed conflicts. There are few memorials or formal observances for their deaths.

How Leaders Can Have Mindful Conversations—10 Tips

Leaders can enhance their effectiveness and develop better relationships with employees by having mindful conversations.

Why It's Time to Humanize Leadership

While the world’s economy continues to expand, mostly driven by technology, trust in our leaders continues to either languish or decline. Part of the reason for this sad state of affairs is both current leaders and leadership development education are predominantly utilitarian and lack a humanistic focus.