Social networks  such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and others are now being used by recruiters to recruit talent and implement training.

Josh Bersin reported in his blog that organizations are now working on strategies to leverage social networking for corporate training, customer education and support and talent management. Beresin says that 77% of all L&D organizations believe that workers under the age of 25 have significantly different learning styles, particularly in the area of collaborative learning, compared to older workers, and that 25% of larger companies are using some form of e-learning or learning on demand. And social networking software companies are sprouting up like weeds, according to Bersin, with a significant number focusing on collaborative learning and lateral networks.

Madeline Laurano, a talent management analyst, says that an increasing number of companies are using social networks for recruiting, citing nGenera, a software company that hired 70% of new hires using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Laurano says that smart talented people are using social networking sites as an external form of the business card and resumed combined.

Jennifer Leggio, in her ZdNet blog, reported that Jobsite,a recruitment solutions provider, issued the results of its second annual Social Recruitment Survey. The data shows that employers are more and more extensively recruiting on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. It also shows that the companies appear more satisfied with these types of recruits versus the ones they find solely from job boards. According to the survey, due to these satisfaction levels companies are likely to invest more in these type of candidate sources in 2009, trimming down their spend with job boards and even search firms; 80 percent of companies are planning to use social networks to find or attract candidates; LinkedIn use grew from 80 percent in 2008 to 95 percent in 2008; Facebook use grew from 36 percent in 2008 to 59 percent in 2009; Twitter ranked third at 42 percent.

In what may be the future for college recruiting efforts, some 300,000 students now use a social networking site called Zinch specifically to network with colleges. On Zinch, prospective students can enter a personal profile that gives colleges in-depth information well beyond grades and test scores. From the other side, Zinch says that more than 450 colleges and universities are using Zinch as a high-powered recruiting tool.

Many traditional recruiters and training and development services may soon find themselves out of business unless they take advantage of the social networking revolution and it's growing impact on business and trainin

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