Cultivating Empathy

It seems timely to ask the question: What is empathy and how can we get more of it?


What does freedom really mean?

What to Do When Your Routine Becomes a Rut

When a routine becomes a rut you miss opportunities to try something new. Balance risks and rewards to avoid getting stuck doing the same old thing.
By Tom Adams (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This Is Why Couples Cannot Hold Grudges

Conflict is always stressful, and animals show us that re-establishing positive interactions quickly afterward is crucial for a relationship to remain healthy.
Tom Terrant Encyclopedia of Life (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

What Partners Need to Understand About Cooperation

Are you as good at cooperating in your relationship as you think you are? A few activities can reveal how well you and your partner work together.

Why You Don't Need to Fear Rejection

Fear of rejection can be a major stumbling block for some when it comes to dating but does little to protect you. Rather than personalizing and internalizing this experience, a shift in perspective can help you deal with it better the next time around.

Why It's Time to Change How You Divide Your Time

We are constantly bombarded with how to achieve greater work-life balance. What if we pursued an optimal time budget instead? Other species do not allocate time evenly across activities. Instead they devote time according to priorities that maximize their success.

Reconnecting with Nature

Listening to and communing with nature affects our health, both physical and psychological. Whether is is taking a walk or listening to the sounds of other species, creating a sense of connection with the natural world is beneficial, restorative, and necessary for our well-being.

Can You Ever Mend A Broken Heart?

Animals and people can die of a broken heart. The pain and grief we feel when we lose a loved one activates some of the same brain areas as those that formed that love in the first place. Moving forward with the scars of loves we have lost can make us wary of opening up to new relationships.

Why We Need to Make Romantic Gestures

With Valentine's Day behind us many of us forget the importance of daily romantic gestures that can enhance our relationships and bring us closer to our partners.

Why Friendships Are So Vital

Lasting friendships are built on repeated actions that foster cooperation and support that can have immediate benefits which, over time, increase your survival and success. But not all friendships are created equal and it can be critical to determine what the true nature of your friendships are.

The Real Reasons Why We Groom

The Egyptians and Greeks were at the forefront of setting grooming trends, but is all this buffing, waxing, and mud just about beauty or could there be a practical and deeper biological explanation for some of the grooming practices we see in humans?

The Art, and Crucial Importance, of Flirting

Whether it's covert or overt, the art of seduction is a very important part of courtship. Despite what some may think, humans don't have the market on flirting techniques. It can be surreptitious or it can be brazen, but animals flirt in as many varied ways you could imagine.

Why You Need to Know How to Say No

For many, setting limits can create feelings of guilt. But when we look at animals we see very clearly that animals often say no and don’t appear to feel the slightest bit bad about it. Why is that?

Is It Only Natural for Us to Be Jealous?

Recently, psychologist Dr. Christine Harris and her colleague, Caroline Prouvost, published the results of a study confirming what many of us already suspected: dogs get jealous. What does this mean for us when considering jealous feelings in our own lives and relationships?
Where Are Your Manners?

Where Are Your Manners?

Author Amy Alkon's new book delivers the day-to-day etiquette of living life in a way that values others. In this science-based, easy-to-read, and hilarious book, Alkon looks at where our rudeness comes from and provides tangible ways for all of us to deal with it.

3 Communication Missteps Animals Can Help Us Avoid

We hear it all the time, “Communication is the key to a good relationship.” If the cornerstone of a good relationship is intimately linked to communication, why does our communication often end up like two male grizzly bears fighting? Do couples in other species have this problem?

5 Valuable Dating Lessons From the Animal Kingdom

We often hear about the human do's and don’ts when it comes to dating, but we rarely get a glimpse into the rules animals use when it comes to courtship and mating. I mean, just how does the Adzuki bean beetle decide to trade up to a new partner? We can learn a great deal if we pay attention to exactly how animals go about picking potential mates.

What's in a Kiss?

Why do we kiss? Scientists speculate that we get information about hormone levels, health, and even relatedness, by kissing. And we aren’t the only ones who do it. Whether given as a greeting, a sign of affection, or tentatively in those first stirrings of attraction kissing happens in a variety of animals from ants to prairie dogs.

Do Opposites Really Attract?

Recent studies raise questions about the truth of the familiar adage that opposites attract. Instead, how alike you are may be the key to success in love and friendship. Whether it is age, gender, social status, or even personality, birds of a feather flocking together isn't just for the birds.

Don’t Touch My Food!

Some people love to share food, essentially having nonexistent food boundaries. Some people like to share your food, but not their own. And still others are not big fans of sharing at all. What is responsible for this difference? Moreover, why share with some people and not others?
Will You Be My Valentine?

Will You Be My Valentine?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to talk about scrumptious gifts. Offering delicacies to a love interest is not uniquely human. We share this trait with many other species, including our eight-legged friends—spiders.