Can You Tell a Psychopath from a Sociopath?

In addition to their many commonalities, sociopaths and psychopaths have their own unique, distinctive behavioral characteristics and origins.

Cyberstalkers Are Difficult to Stop

Social media and networking services enact content guidelines that have little to do with protecting the rights of the public.

Criminal Profiling: The Original Mind Hunters

Practitioners of profiling analyzing evidence gathered at a crime scene and statements provided by victims and witnesses in order to develop a description of an unknown offender.

Mass Public Shootings Are on the Rise

There are powerful social forces today that promote mass murder, including financial fears, distrust of government, prejudice and racism, terrorism and constant war.

Our Curious Fascination With Serial Killers

Serial killers are larger-than-life popular culture celebrities due to the efforts of law enforcement authorities and the media which feed the public’s appetite for the macabre.

When Pretty White Women Kill.

When an attractive young, white woman goes on trial for murder, a public feeding frenzy ensues for graphic images and information about the case in the media.

Did Trump Create A Moral Panic To Get Elected?

Is it possible for influential individuals or groups to achieve their goals by either creating or exploiting widespread public fear?

Beware of the Power Elite in Society

The late, visionary sociologist C. Wright Mills warned that acts of elite deviance that cause social or criminal harm are part of the “higher immorality of the power elite.”

Fear-Based Anger Is the Primary Motive for Violence

Anger is not a primary emotion. It is a secondary emotion or reaction. Fear or terror is the root of all anger.

How the News Media Make Monsters

The news media frequently refer to murderers in nonhuman and supernatural terms, using inflammatory words like evil, vampire, and monster.

How the Police Create Monsters

State managers, including law enforcement authorities and politicians, define who and what is evil in our society.

How and Why Societal Elites Manipulate Public Fear

Public fear over an alleged social problem is mutually beneficial to state officials—that is, politicians, law enforcement authorities and the news media.

Why Elite White-Collar Criminals Are Rarely Punished

White-collar criminals benefit from institutionalized non-enforcement practices, regulatory policies and legal representation not available to street criminals.

Lady Justice Is Not Color-Blind

The massive U.S. prison population does not mirror the demographic profile of U.S. society. There is a stark pattern of racial disparity in the prison population.

Psychopathic Killers Hide in Plain Sight

The world’s most prolific killers are totally incapable of empathy or remorse. However, they rarely look like the scary monsters we expect them to be.

What You May Not Know About Serial Killers

Rather than being satisfied when they murder, serial killers are driven toward repeating their killings in an unending “serial” cycle.

Some Individuals Kill for Their Own Sadistic Pleasure

Power/control killers are patient and they kill their victims slowly in order to prolong their own sadistic pleasure. They derive satisfaction from the suffering of their victims.

Why Psychopaths Are Effective Killers

When psychopaths commit a homicide, their killings likely will be planned and purposeful—that is, organized, and not committed in the heat of passion.

Serial Killer Groupies and Murderabilia Collectors

The public has an insatiable appetite for the sensationalized tales of serial killers. Some people take their obsession to extreme ends.

Diagnosing Psychopathy

Psychopathy is a continuum ranging from those who possess all of the traits and score highly on them to those who have the traits but score lower on them.

Serial Killers Do Not Want to Get Caught

It is not true that serial killers want to get caught. Most of them love their work far too much for that to be true.

The Macabre Appeal of Serial Killers

Serial killers are transformed into culture celebrities through the efforts of law enforcement authorities, the media and the public’s appetite for the macabre.

The Strange Allure of the Killer Living Next Door

A serial killer is frequently an unassuming everyman who could easily be a next door neighbor or co-worker.

Jack the Ripper: History’s Greatest Murder Mystery

More than 125 years after his killing spree abruptly ended without his capture, the murders of Jack the Ripper continue to tantalize people around the world.

The Strange and Enduring Appeal of Charles Manson

Charles Manson was convicted of seven counts of first-degree murder for a killing spree in 1969, but he did not actually murder the victims himself.

How You Know You're Dealing With a Psychopath

Psychopaths are unable to form emotional attachments with others or feel empathy, although they often have charming personalities.

The Guilty Pleasure of True Crime TV

Watching true crime TV is like eating candy in bed at three o’clock in the morning.

Understanding Psychopathic Criminals

Psychopathic criminals are cunning, manipulative, egotistical and cold blooded.

How to Know if You Are Dealing With a Sociopath

The good news about sociopaths is that due to their volatile personalities, you can typically see them coming

Prescription Drugs and Malpractice: A Lethal Combination

Prescription drug addiction and medical negligence create a “perfect storm” of corruption, misery and death in the U.S.