Iconoclastic Puritans

Why images of the gods are often targets of religious zealots and why religious zealots will never run out of images to target.

God Is Just a Natural Disaster Away

Reversing the effects of secularization in a moment

The Deflation of Science

They are not scientists -- what Bill Belichick and some of our legislators have in common.

He's Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty and Nice

Who is likely the more effective moral monitor -- a jolly St. Nick or a menacing Krampus?

Which Comes First -- Religion or Morality?

Research with capuchins suggests that moral sensibilities arose long before anything religious.

Moral Agency, Heightened Adversity, and Religious Belief

Inexplicable suffering aids the persistence of the gods.

Secularization, Religiosity, and Misery in America

Misery and religiosity seem to go together hand-in-hand.

Big Gods and Babies

Religions can often achieve cultural success by no more than encouraging their followers to reproduce.

Be Fruitful and Multiply

High Fertility in Tightly Knit Religious Groups and the Failure of Secularists to Replace Themselves

Shibboleths, Social Bonds, and Splinter Groups

Of primate grooming and religious in-fighting

Social Solidarity and Support for Suicide Bombings

Cognitive scientists of religion investigate support for suicide attacks.

One Way That Religious Belief Matters

What benefits arise from costly religious rituals?

Eyes on Autism

New evidence suggests that autism can be predicted in infancy.

Why Can't Science Make Up Its Mind?

Science is usually presented as a done deal, when, in fact, it never is.

The Ultimate Conflict Between Science and Religion

What in the long haul is the most fundamental conflict between science and religion?

Contamination, Disgust, and the Sacred

The disgusting and the sacred have more in common than you think

Enough Bushes?

Presumptions about biological essentialism undergird dynasties in politics and religion.

Minds Never Die

Humans have difficulty imagining their minds' demise.

Feeling Sheepish?

When are people happy to be referred to as "sheep"?

Is Religion Withering in America?

The decline of American religiosity may be more apparent than real.

Theory of Mind and Elevated Religiosity

Aptitude with theory of mind helps to explain typically higher levels of religiosity among women.

Sex and Religiosity

What do studies of religiosity reveal about the origins of differences between the sexes?

Autism Impedes Religiosity

New empirical studies show that autistic spectrum disorders thwart religious belief and understanding.

Holy Seers or Religiously Challenged?

Were some famous figures from the history of religion people with autistic spectrum disorders?

Some Human Minds Will Inevitably Find Religion Baffling

Some people are constitutionally challenged with regard to religion.

How Religions Captivate Human Minds

Religions the world over have evolved to engage materials that mesmerize human minds.

Broader Scientific Literacy May Not Lead to Better Political Decision Making

Scientifically literate individuals appear somewhat more likely to exhibit motivated cognition than others.

Science as a Special Set of Social Arrangements

Cognitive research on learning and doing science suggests that scientific rationality relies on a special set of social arrangements.

There Are No Naturals in Experimental Science

In contrast to highly mathematical theoretical science where natural aptitude sometimes seems to play a role, experimental science does not come naturally to anyone.

Are Religious People More Moral than Atheists?

Whether people are religious or not, cuing religious concepts elicits more generous conduct, but so does cuing legal concepts or concerns for reputation.