Is There a Bit of Donald Trump in Each of Us?

Does any part of Trump´s fiery, often inappropriate rhetoric express what you were thinking? Playing the Human Card, candidates connect better with common ground than background.

In Politics, Is It Always Good to Be a Woman?

Should Hillary play the Woman Card or the Human Card? Counteracting the stereotype of the female political candidate.

Rocking the Vote: Is Trump Psychology Flash Over Substance?

Does Donald Trump have star power or staying power? Is Trump psychology a case of flash over substance?

Taming the Tweet: Why Trump´s Sound Bites Are Headlines

Candidate backgrounds influence their language, personality, and electability. From the courtroom to the boardroom... to the locker room.

Trump Psychology: Why the Donald Might Just Get Your Vote

Regardless of political leanings, for many citizens, a combination of energy, passion, and transparency might persuade voters to have a second look at the Donald.

From the Boardroom to the Bedroom

Sexual Assault Awareness month is a time to re-examine workplace culture in order to detect the red flags that signal a proclivity toward sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Overcoming the Comfort of Credibility

Sometimes we learn the hard way that credentials do not translate into character. Beware of cloaking impressive people with more credit than they deserve.

Red Flags, Workplace Violence, and Terrorism

To perceive the warning signs of terrorism and tragedy in the workplace, we need to read behind the resumes and get to know our coworkers.

Familiarity Breeds Contentment

We are drawn to the appeal of familiar faces—whether we know these people or not.

Lessons From the Paris Attacks

In the words of the next door neighbor of the ax-murderer, “But he . . . (say it with me) seemed like such a nice guy!” Why did she have that impression? Because her neighbor, whom she knew nothing about, had become familiar.

Avoiding Ashley Madison

You cannot "spot" a cheater, but you may be able to "detect" one if you know what to look for and where to look.

New York Prison Break—An Accessory´s Admission

Is Joyce Mitchell so different than the rest of us? Yes, in her unlawful conduct. No, in terms of her positive response to the way a crafty manipulator made her feel.

No One Wants a Secret Admirer

A closed mouth gathers no foot. It also gathers no friends. People want verbal affirmation of their attributes and accomplishments, not secret admirers. Regardless of how far up the food chain someone has managed to climb, everyone wants to be assured of their value and worth.

Star Struck: Blinded by the Limelight

Before you roll out the red carpet, take steps to investigate whether the famous people you admire are as good as they look. Many are . . . many are not. You cannot tell by looking, because ironically, with celebrity status, the spotlight hides imperfections, rather than reveals them.

“Last Call”

The "Last Call" phenomenon describes the desperation-fueled perception of desirability that often accompanies relationship shopping when you are hungry.

The Optics of Politics: Appearances are not always reality

Do Attractive Candidates Really Get More Votes? The Optics of Politics. When appearances are not always reality.

Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones but Words Can Kill

There is a new threat to modern teenagers—a threat that doesn’t end with the boundaries of the home, but can pass right through physical barriers with ease. Coming to a computer screen near you—meet the cyber bully.

From Flattery to Fear: Cyberspace Invaders

When your boss pursues a higher degree of familiarity than you wish to permit, should you be flattered or fearful? Know your rights pertaining to your employer’s online access to your personal information.

The New Definition of Success is “Face Time”–Pun Intended

Welcome to the social media sensationalized era of celebrities who are famous for being famous.

When a Mug Shot is a Glamour Shot

When a Mug Shot is a Glamour Shot: The Curious Case of Internet Sensation Jeremy Meeks

Breaking Bad Behavior: The Seduction of Crime

Crime is sometimes not about the gain, but the game. From shoplifting, to joyriding, to rape, some lawbreakers enjoy the behavior as much as the end result. And in many cases, these thrill-seekers may not look like criminals.

Entertainment Today: Is Bad the New Good?

One of the things I hear every day as a prosecutor is the complaints of parents lamenting what they describe as the decline of healthy entertainment choices. Whether they are parents of lawbreakers or crime victims, they wonder how they are expected to be good role models competing with the genre of entertainment choices today--including the evolution of morality.

Birds of a Feather or Guilty by Association?

Birds of a Feather or Guilty by Association? Seeking the wrong groups for the right reasons. In the criminal world, many affiliations I see on a daily basis are driven by a basic human need we all share: the need to belong.

Human Trafficking: Psychology of Recruitment

Human trafficking victims are not always abducted. Some are seduced by young men promising romance and a better life. Knowledge of recruitment methods will help us detect and prosecute this insidious crime through knowing where to look, and what to look for.

Human Trafficking: Yes, in Your Backyard

While still remaining largely invisible, human trafficking occurs in backyards all over the world. We continue to work to increase awareness of where it occurs, what it looks like, and what to do about what we see.

January: Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Human trafficking victims are hiding in plain sight.

Likability Covers a Multitude of Sins

With the Boston Marathon bombing established as the most tweeted about sports event of 2013, we again scratch our heads as we wonder why no one saw anything suspicious ahead of time. Or did they? And if so, why in the world didn't anyone speak out? Because the suspects, although bad, looked good. Here is why.

Sandy Hook: When Flags Are Red in Retrospect

As we approach the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre, we again reflect on the fact that red flags often seem to be most visible in retrospect. And unfortunately, people closest to us may often be the hardest to read.

The Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing

How in the world do men convicted of heinous crimes do so well with the ladies? Charles Manson is engaged? Prison guards branding themselves with the inmates' names and bearing their children? An inside look, pun intended, at what can go on behind bars.

Why Bad Looks Good

Getting into bad relationships? Choosing the wrong romantic partners? Here is why bad looks good - and how to separate the wrong ones from the right ones.