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How to Improve Your Relationship Satisfaction

What is the Secret to Relationship Satisfaction?

Want to Be a Nicer Person? Read a Novel

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Know Thyself: How the Past Can Help, or Hinder, the Present

How might unresolved issues in our past affect our present -- and our future?

Thinking of a pursuing a STEM Career?

Is a STEM career worth the effort?
You: A Retrospective

You: A Retrospective

Is there is a benefit to looking back to the past before looking forward to the future?
Can’t Seem to Make a Career Decision?

Can’t Seem to Make a Career Decision?

How emotional intelligence training can help your career decision making.
The Case for Encore Careers

The Case for Encore Careers

Want passion, purpose, and a paycheck?
Identity at Work: Career Crafting

Identity at Work: Career Crafting

Why you shouldn't follow your passion.

Are You Ready to Quit Your Job?

Is fantasizing about doing something else a sign you that are ready to quit your job?

I Can't Get No (Career) Satisfaction

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Reinventing You: Ten Lessons

Reinventing You: Ten Lessons

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Are You Employable? Three Things You Need to Know

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Are You Limiting Your Career Options?

Are You Limiting Your Career Options?: Career Choice, Sotomayor Style

Batwoman and Kate Kane

When is your personal life relevant -- and when isn't it?

The Role of Identity in Making New Year's Resolutions

Who do you hope to become? Who do you fear becoming?
Who's Your M?

Who's Your M?

Did you thank your mentor today?
5 Steps for Facing Fears

5 Steps for Facing Fears

How moving beyond fear helps you meet your goals.

You Must Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do

Are you doing one thing every day that scares you?

College Readiness Checklist

Buying is not being, and image management is not identity development.

Summer Reading

Today the New York Times published an article on the "Time Divide", i.e., how media use is correlated negatively with, and perhaps perpetuates, socioeconomic class. It got me thinking about what teens are not doing, but could be doing to increase their school success, college readiness, and eventual earnings:
Nature-Nurture and Plutocracy: The Hunger Games

Nature-Nurture and Plutocracy: The Hunger Games

I’m no scholar of literacy criticism, but The Hunger Games seemed to me to be a parable regarding social control via class conflict (e.g., advantaged kids have been training for games since birth, versus literally starving kids who have had no time to prep given they must forage constantly), to perpetuate the plutocracy.

Everything You Need to Know, All in One Place

The Handbook of Identity Theory and Research just arrived at my library – and it looks great! The editors have done an excellent job of incorporating work on identity from a range of theoretical perspectives, and from multiple disciplines.