Fashionable Neuroscience

The only goal of the fashion neuroscience industry is to use science-sounding terms or out-of-context anecdotes to add a sense of validity to whatever narrative it is trying to sell.

Forget Chess, Meet The Ultimate Brain Challenge

Why the greatest test of the human brain may not be played out on a board but on a diamond.

Axons & Axioms, Episode 3: Matrix Revolutions

In this episode of Axons & Axioms, Derek and I discuss the possibility that our brains could be fooled into thinking that a simulated world is real. Would something like the Matrix even be possible?

Profiles in Scientific Awesomeness: Von Economo

A profile of one of the most epic scientists of the modern era. As a scientist, aviator, doctor, and adventurer, Baron Constantin von Economo fought both wars and mysterious diseases, while also making substantial contributions to neuroscience that still hold true today. Who needs fictional role models when you've got The Baron?

Mo' Data, Mo' Problems

While more research funding is always nice for neuroscience, perhaps we should better understand the data that we already have before we get a lot more of it.

Axons & Axioms, Episode 2: Judgment Day

In our second podcast, Derek Leben and I discuss what neuroscience says about whether we really do have free will.

Do We Really Need A Brain?

Headless roosters and normal people with missing brains might make us rethink the value of our own gray matter.

Axons & Axioms, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

A blog (in podcast form) about whether it's possible to have a neural theory of consciousness, featuring the philosopher Derek Leben as guest host.

The Rhythm That (Literally) Moves Us

New research shows us how, in some brain areas, rhythms may bind things together so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.