Eventual Moms-To-Be: Heads Up!

We don't know the full story behind the fertility of high profile Hollywood moms. Few of them have shared the private details of their efforts to conceive: hormone treatments, in vitro fertilization, donor eggs or donor embryos. Learn more about how you can begin important conversations with your ob-gyn about your own fertility—even in your 20s!

Banishing Your Heartache on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be a challenge if your heart is aching. Here are some creative strategies to add some "zing" to your love life ...

Soothing Holiday Sadness as You Remember Absent Loved Ones

It is natural to remember absent loved ones at holiday time. But it is also emotionally challenging to make sense of sad emotions when others around you are celebrating the holidays. Soothing yourself and making sense of poignant memories are a focus of this blog.

Infertility: Creating More Meaningful Thanksgiving Traditions

Infertility presents special challenges at Thanksgiving, when it can be difficult to celebrate in the midst of pregnant relatives, newborns and untactful family members,

He Just Doesn't Get How to Comfort Me!

Are you frustrated when your partner cannot comfort you? Is he unable to sense your pain? To empathize with your misery? Or is he mostly afraid of your tears? In today's blog, I'll offer suggestions for how to connect with your partner around certain issues that may may be especially difficult to discuss.

Toxic Question: Do You Have Kids?

When we have a history of infertility, we can feel apprehensive when deciding whether and how much information to offer an acquaintance about this aspect of our lives.

Pregnancy at 40: How Realistic Is It?

Why is it that some women wait until they are 40 to begin trying to conceive? Is it finally that their lives have settled down enough to contemplate children as the next step? Or, as a recent NYTimes article posed, do women who physically look much younger than their age actually believe their 40-year-old eggs are up to the challenge of conceiving a healthy baby?

Pre-parenthood Perspectives of IVF Couples

A recent study portrays IVF couples as having quite different anticipations of parenthood than couples who conceive without medical intervention. IVF couples and the health care professionals who work with them will be challenged to address certain issues highlighted in this study.

A Vacation from Infertility?

In today's blog, I'll offer my thoughts on why a vacation from infertility can be such an important and challenging issue to consider.

In Vitro Fertilization: What's Realistic to Expect?

I'm a big fan of realism when it comes to infertility, because operating on false hope can get in the way of making realistic plans for parenthood. In today's blog I'll present the facts, as well as the emotional considerations, about how soon (and for how long) to rely on IVF for fulfilling hopes of a healthy pregnancy.

When Hopes for a Happy Pregnancy Are Disrupted

It happens. The early joy of a much-wanted pregnancy is suddenly shattered by something unexpected: Your partner's betrayal, a troubling prenatal diagnosis or a family catastrophe. When this happens, you feel as if you are in the midst of an emotional balancing act with no acrobatic training.
Fathers' Day: A holiday of gratitude or yearning?

Fathers' Day: A holiday of gratitude or yearning?

Fathers' Day is so visible you can't miss it! But it also is complex. Some of us can genuinely express gratitude to our father on this holiday. Others may have several father figures, with each representing a unique relationship. And then there are the men who yearn to be fathers but cannot easily attain that coveted role.
Can We Learn Anything From Tornadoes About Resilience?

Can We Learn Anything From Tornadoes About Resilience?

As coverage of tornadoes has proliferated, I find myself speculating about the larger lessons that may lie beneath the shattered landscape: coping with loss, recovering from devastation and seeking support are universal in many tragedies we face over the course of our lives.

Rebounding from Springtime Stress!

Even as bright flowers, longer hours of sunshine, and gradual warmth abound in the spring, many of us have encountered potholes in this otherwise cheerful season. Whether you are rebounding from the stress of Spring holidays, winter weight gain, or infertility, here are some thoughts on how to set your sights on moving forward!

Am I A Mothers' Day Grinch?

Am I a Mothers' Day Grinch? Not exactly, but today I'd like to present a perspective that is different from the one depicted on Hallmark cards: the perspective of families who need some extra compassion on this holiday.

How to Adapt Stress-busting Strategies for Really Tough Problems

When life is filled with too much pressure, we either cave or we decide to deal with it. If you're on the "deal with it" team, you may feel apprehensive about how to identify strategies that will work. In today's blog I'll suggest some ways you can gather strength and resources to reduce the stress that threatens to become a way of life.

Life Happens, But What About the Stress It Generates?

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes. For some of us it's occasional, for others it seems like a way of life. What should we do when life is filled with just too much pressure?

Craving Parenthood: A New Trend on Grey's Anatomy?

As I have been watching the ABC medical series Grey's Anatomy recently, I've been struck by how the themes of fertility, unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy loss are sensitively interwoven through so many episodes.

Infertility: Do You Wear A Scarlet Letter?

For those of us with infertility, the letter "I" can be a prominent symbol in our lives: sometimes public -- sometimes not. And we have many choices about how to "wear" that symbol in our relationships.

"Hey, Remember Me?" Getting Your Partner's Attention

It can be distressing to feel disconnected with our partner. We began our relationship hoping for a partner who would be responsive to our efforts to connect. What do we make of it when those connections feel frayed?

In-law stress when you're trying to get pregnant?

In-laws can be in something of a precarious relationship with the couple who is trying to get pregnant. There will be issues involving boundaries, privacy and life transitions. What sensitivities will help in-laws from both generations to be more supportive of each other as a pregnancy is being anticipated?

The Stress of Trying to Get Pregnant

Should women trying to conceive just relax?  Will avoiding stress increase chances of conception? A study just published concludes there is no association between high stress and failure of fertility treatment. In today's blog I'll sort out the mixed messages of recent research on stress and infertility treatment. 

Infertility: "His" and "Hers"?

Even though a couple may share the infertility experience, it will have different meanings for each.  And this is significant, since the infertility journey requires communication, support, decision-making and financial planning, all of which will go more smoothly if each partner can appreciate the other's perspective. 

Couples With Infertility: Nourishing Your Love

Valentine's Day is a special day in the lives of most couples.  But what happens after the cards are opened, the chocolates consumed, and the flowers begin to wilt?  Fortunately, there are lots of creative ways to re-ignite and nourish those loving feelings 365 days of the year! 

Infertility and Stress: Could Yoga be the Answer?

Yoga is enjoying a broader audience as "yoga for fertility" classes are appearing in some metropolitan areas.  These classes draw together women who hope to learn skills that will take their minds off the tension of infertility and reduce their anxiety. But does yoga increase pregnancy rates in infertile women? 

Infertility: Finding a psychotherapist

The decision to begin therapy usually has a backdrop that can include stress, unfulfilled hopes and interpersonal difficulties.  If infertility is at the source of stress, there may be additional components.  So, in the spirit of problem-solving, in this blog I'll offer some creative suggestions for finding a therapist. 

Sharing infertility news: How to reach some decisions with your partner

From the moment you suspect the word infertility could apply to you, there is an emotional pause as you struggle with how open you will be with your apprehensions. As months pass, as diagnostic tests or pregnancy losses increase your anxiety, the questions still loom: whether or how to take others into your confidence on this very personal matter 

Infertile and ringing in the new year: anxious or hopeful?

 If you have been grappling with infertility in 2010, ringing in the new year is filled with both hope and anxiety.  This blog explores ways that you can initiate some new strategies in 2011 to bolster your emotional resilience.

Infertility and the Holidays: A "Double Dose of Hectic"

December holidays are busy for almost everyone, and those of us who grapple with infertility feel especially challenged at this time of the year.  Those challenges are both practical and psychological.  So let's see what we can do so as not to become overwhelmed by the "double dose of hectic!" 

Infertility: How to Brighten the Holidays

Many of us find our struggles with infertility are especially difficult during the winter holidays.  So with this acute awareness that the holiday lights seem dimmer this year, I'd like to offer some thoughts on ways that you can turn up the wattage.