What is Prescription Misuse?

Although "prescription drug abuse" is a hot topic, it seems that many don't understand exactly what this entails. Here, we describe the various types of prescription drug abuse and how it can impact one's life.

Best Practices in the Treatment of ADHD

While the last blog post focused on best practices for diagnosing ADHD, here we turn our focus to treatment best practices.

Best Practices in the Diagnosis of ADHD

Although there is no medical test for the diagnosis of AD/HD, the diagnosis should not be given without multiple diagnostic steps, which we explore here.

Eating for Optimal Mental Health

In order to improve overall wellness, a whole body approach should be considered. Here we explore the role that nutrition plays in the pursuit of wellness.

When the Worst Happens

A diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease can be frightening and overwhelming for a family. Here are some tips to cope with this diagnosis.

When Someone You Love Has Mental Illness

In honor of Mental Health Month, we explore how to advocate for your loved one with mental illness.

Transgenderism 101

In the weeks since Bruce Jenner's interview, many individuals have asked me to explain what it means to be transgendered, and what the difference is between gender identity and sexuality identity. In this piece, these differences are explained.

Women and Mental Illness

A host of factors may contribute to the higher prevalence of mental illness in women. In this post, we explore many of these.

Mental Health Debate in the Wake of the Germanwings Crash

The recent tragic Germanwings plane crash has sparked heated conversation about the intersection of mental health and homicidality or other proclivities toward violent behavior. As this debate heats up, it is important to shed light on some commonly believed MYTHS about mental illness.

When You Don't Have Time for Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Now that spring has sprung, it's a good time to focus on becoming healthier. For many, this may sound like an overwhelming task. But creating small, reasonable goals is the best way to make lifestyle changes.

Study Finds People with ADHD More Likely to Die Prematurely

The findings of this study can be anxiety-provoking for anyone touched by AD/HD. But the answer may be as simple as effective treatment.

Should I Participate in a Clinical Trial?

If you've ever considered participating in a clinical trial, it's important to know what you can expect. This blog is designed to serve as a guide for those considering this alternative treatment option.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Renamed

This month, the Institute of Medicine gave CFS a new moniker. Read on to learn more.

Therapy and Weight Loss

How can mental health providers assist in your weight loss goals? Read on to learn more...

Your Guide to Psychotherapy Options

Psychotherapy is not a 'one size fits all.' Different diagnoses and personality styles may fit better with different therapeutic modalities. This blog is designed to help you better understand some of the most commonly used (and empirically validated) techniques.

When Therapy Doesn't Work

There's no such thing as a magic pill, or a magic wand for that matter. Therapy requires as much effort from the patient as from the therapist. But not all patient/therapist duos are a good match. Read on to learn what to do when therapy just doesn't work.

How to Improve Your Body Image

Millions of Americans struggle with body image. This year, learn to love yourself, be comfortable in your own skin, and focus on what matters; health over aesthetics!

Recent Updates in Proper Screening for ADHD

New research shows that all non-psychotic adults in the outpatient setting should be screened for AD/HD.

Holiday Stress

In the thick of the holiday season, it is important to set reasonable goals and realistic expectations about this time of year in order to maintain good mental health. Here's how.

Winter Blues? It Could Be Seasonal Affective Disorder

Read on to learn more about Seasonal Affective Disorder and find out how to properly diagnose and treat it.

Understanding Binge Eating Disorder

When people think of "eating disorders," anorexia and bulimia typically come to mind. Binge Eating Disorder is less well-known and less studied but an important diagnosis to understand and treat. Read on to learn more.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is important to think about how medical illness can impact mental health. Read on to learn more.

ADHD Myths and Facts

Learn more about the myths and facts of this diagnosis.

9 Lifestyle Factors That Can Affect Your Mental Health

Sound mental health requires much more than one simple intervention. A series of environmental and lifestyle factors play an important role too. Read on to learn more.

Educational Accommodations for LD and Mental Illness

For any parents having a hard time navigating educational accommodations for your child, read on to learn more.

New School Year, New Opportunities

A new school year brings a clean slate for students. Find out helpful tips to starting your child's year off on the right foot.

Drug and Alcohol Interventions: Do They Work?

For moms, dads, husbands, wives, partners, siblings or friends of someone struggling with addiction, it can feel impossible to know what steps to take to help your loved one. If you've ever wondered what an intervention is and how it works, read on to learn more.

Study Shows That ADHD Treatment Improves Parenting

We all know that ADHD can make it difficult for individuals to manage their own lives, so it stands to reason that parenting would be impacted as well. Which begs the question---does ADHD treatment improve parenting? Read on to learn more!

Lifestyle Interventions in Mental Health

Effective treatment for mental health conditions often encompasses a variety of interventions, the most important of which is lifestyle changes. Although therapy and medications may play a role in some individuals with mental illness, healthy lifestyle choices should play a role for everyone!

Treatment Compliance Issues in Mentally Ill Adults

Medication can ease a tremendous burden in some adults with mental illness. Why, then, do some individuals avoid medication altogether? And why do some discontinue their treatment, even when it seems to be working? Read on to learn more.