New York Times Article Missed the Mark for Divorced Exes!

Pamela Paul's article, titled vs., is about new online software for divorced couples that allows them to communicate solely via email and text. The article promotes the vision of divorced couples warring mercilessly.

Farewell to My Ex: The Final Chapter

In early July of this year, just after I had completed writing and putting the finishing touches on my new book about the importance of amicable co parenting after divorce, my 68-year-old ex-husband, Arnie Rabinor, was diagnosed with non-operable pancreatic cancer. Within 10 weeks, he was gone. He was buried a little over a month ago.

How to Talk So Your Child Will Listen: Vulnerability Is Key!

Last week I ran into a young woman (I'll call her Marielle) who reminded me I'd precipitated a turning point in her relationship with her mother...