Is Perfect Sex Possible?

Sex does not equal intercourse and intercourse and orgasm is not a pass-fail sex test.

Confronting the Poisonous Male-Female Power Struggle

Acknowledging that it is normal and healthy for sexuality to have different roles and meanings for each partner are important.

Sex Is a Team Sport—and There's No "I" in Team!

Women, men, and couples who accept that sexuality is a team sport involving more than intercourse are the ones who thrive.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Sexual Experiences

When the couple embraces variable, flexible sexuality, which celebrates synchronous as well as asynchronous sexual experiences, they can enjoy a strong, resilient sexual desire.

Beating the Odds

The good news is that men and couples can enjoy sexuality into their mid-80's. The bad news is that 1 in 3 men stop being sexual between 60-65 and 2 in 3 between 70-75.

Sex Is a Team Sport, and There's No 'I' in Team!

Women, men, and couples who accept that sexuality is a team sport involving more than intercourse are the ones who thrive.

What Happens to Sexual Desire in an Egalitarian Marriage?

Emphasizing an egalitarian bond, reducing traditional gender roles, and focusing on emotional problem-solving to foster a shared intimate relationship is a healthy marital trend. For most couples, this results in greater marital satisfaction and security. The question is whether an intimate, egalitarian marriage promotes or subverts couple sexuality?

Female Sexual Desire: A Motivating, Empowering Approach

Sexually, one size never fits all. This motivating, empowering approach involves the woman valuing her unique sexual voice and their couple sexual style of desire, pleasure, eroticism, and satisfaction.

Guidelines for Female Pleasure, Eroticism, and Orgasm

Twenty ways to empower the woman (and her partner) to value female desire.

Finding Her Voice

Women have the same right to desire, pleasure, eroticism, and satisfaction as men. But what is the key to healthy female sexuality?

Exercises to Enhance Your Sexual Desire and Satisfaction

Helping couples develop a sexual style that integrates intimacy and eroticism is a major contribution of sex therapists to both couples and clinicians. This concept positions a couple as an intimate sexual team.

What 60-Year-Old Couples Can Teach Young Couples About Sexual Desire and Satisfaction

Our culture, especially movies and music videos (not to mention porn sites), puts a premium on youth, illicitness, eroticism, and "hot sex". This is a seductive, enticing image, but is it true?

Sexual Recovery from an Extramarital Affair 1

Change occurs in the present and the future.

Guidelines for Revitalizing and Maintaining Sexual Desire

 The prescription to revitalize and maintain sexual desire is intimacy, pleasuring, and eroticism.

Is there sex after marriage?

In movies sex is always spontaneous and highly charged. Both people feel powerful desire and are turned-on before touching occurs. The sex is short and intense, and everyone has multiple orgasms. Of course, it's always a new couple or an extra-marital affair - marital sex is almost never depicted in the movies. Married couples are not supposed to be "hot."