Our Evolving Sense of Identity

Renew you spirit with these scientific discoveries.

Group Think and Academia: Shocking Shakespeare Shenanigans

Why does the authorship question matter? What are the new discoveries about Shakespeare?

The History and Psychology of Warrior Women

Warrior Women, Archetype, History, Psychology

Stuck in Mute: How Do You Cope?

Why do words fail some of us most of the time?

The Confederate Flag, Guns, and Cognitive Dissonance

Why are half-truths so dangerous?

What Does the Butterfly Effect Offer You?

What can butterflies teach us?

Our Evolving Black American Naming Traditions

Understanding the meaning and origin of names provides important social clues, spiritual insight, and understanding.

The Multifaceted Native American Naming Tradition

Native Americans have a multifaceted and evolving naming tradition that can revive and inspire our own sense of identity.

Our Ever-Evolving Language for and Sense of Shared Identity

Our changing vocabulary for shared identity indicates that our sense of self is becoming more and more complex with links not only to other humans but also to nature, art, and intelligence. No matter how the terminology changes, the essence—empathy—remains the same and holds the key not only for our survival, but also for that of our world.

The Psychology of Double Names

What is it with double given names?

The Santa Question

What should we tell children when they ask the Santa question.

Gov. Open: Irony, Narcissism, Empathy, Reverse Psychology

How to avoid another government shutdown, what the shutdown says about American psychology, how our health care system compares to others, and why we have to try something new.

Fireworks from Dewdrops

An allegory on the nature of human perception

Mountain Spring

What does Spring in the mountains reveal about nature and ourselves?

In Memoriam: Boston, April 15, 2013

A poem in honor of the victims.

Faith and Guns: What's Up?

What do national faith groups want you to do about gun control beginning right now ?

How Do Americans Perceive One Another?

With 1 million Americans killed by guns since 1960, and multiple gun homicides on the rise, leaders are asking us to ponder our culture, which requires an examination of how we perceive each other.

Your Name Is Your Voice: Use It or Lose It

Not doing anything about gun control supports the status quo. One kid is shot and killed every three hours on average in the U.S. One person is shot an killed more than once every hour of every day. If you don't speak out, you are supporting this. Help save a life with an email. It's that simple. If things change, the deaths will not have been in vain.

20 Children in Newtown: 116,385 Kids Killed Since 1979

Misinformed, brainwashed, and apathetic about guns until now.
Santa: Reality and Imagination. What Does It All Mean?

Santa: Reality and Imagination. What Does It All Mean?

What do you know about Santa? What are the different levels of meaning in his story? How can you help the kids with it? What is happiness? How can you restore lost wonder for both kids and adults?

Family Names: Romney and Obama

Family names tell stories. "Romney" and "Obama" reveal surprising similarities.

Create an Acronym

Based on my conversation with gun advocates, I've posted a petition on Change.org asking for regulation of high capacity clips and magazines.

Aurora Could Be A New Day

What's the greatest danger for a democracy?

The Other Eve?

Who was the other Eve? What does she reveal about femininity?

Miss April?

Are the calendar and the seasons accurate?

Why "Mad" in March?

What do you know about madness in March?

Your Name: The Unopened Gift?

What can you say about your given name?

A Surname Saga: You Can Help

Molly Katchpole helped us: now we can help her.